Thursday, January 17, 2008


The day passes and I roll out of bed into a new one. Yeah, late again. This time I woke with a lighter sense of self. There you are I think to the mirror as I wash my face. I love a warm cloth to skin first thing in the morning. Such a pamper. I get dressed, pet the cat and feed her. I’m down to one kitten and the world feels like it should. My routine is the same. I drive to work and grab my first cup of Joe before I head up to the office. I am 5’11” today and my stomach light.

When I open my email I am greeted by two acceptance letters for submission. What? 17 days into 2008 and I’ve already met my goal. That’s weird. I prepared myself for the rejection letters, not acceptance. I try and not let it go to my head as I take out my measuring stick and set a higher mark for myself. Yeah, I’m feeling pretty good today.

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