Friday, January 18, 2008

Don't Squeeze it!

Thursday night is my Pilates night. I get out of work, eat a light quick meal and then go to this class where they make me do things called “One-hundreds” that kick my arse weekly. The teacher tells us to get into the uncomfortable positions that stress almost every muscle and then says something like, "Loosen those glutes, ladies." What? Its like playing twister, freezing the body into form and then someone turns to you and says, don't squeeze your a$$ so tight. My a$$ is holding me up here!

But I digress. A friend of mine attends with me and afterwards we spend an additional 45 minutes doing aerobic exercise. It’s not a bad way to spend a night. My body usual hurts afterwards, but apparently that is a good thing as I have found myself rubbing soar areas on my body and finding a new muscle there.

Last night the women’s university swim team decided to attend the class. Apparently this was their collective stress release for midterms of something. So, 8 members of taught, physically defined women joined the community lot of us and worked out. I was absolutely pleased when they kept dropping their work out balls or couldn’t quite get a move down. Not that I’m jealous, envious, or even bitter that I don’t have their bodies…not at all…but it was nice to know they drop their balls too.

Sometimes I think I am the only person who judges my body to other women's bodies, but after the class my friend reminded me its a silent but universal act. She leans into me as we are walking upstairs to ride bikes and says, "Did you notice the swim gyrls totally couldn't handle the ball?"


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