Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I can't honestly recall the 1st time, Oprah, I've just always knew...

I have a cold, a bloody bastard of a cold that waited until I had two days off in a row before it did a kamikaze dive into my throat and lungs. I’m drinking cold teas and sucking on all natural throat lozenges. I’m blowing my nose and washing my hands.

It wasn’t bad on New Years Eve, I felt a tickle in my throat that only a cough could scratch, but other than that, I felt in good spirits. Went out that night and had a good time with friends. Walked home in a snow storm from the party autographing cars with silly things, so overall New Years Eve and those first few hours in were great!

The next morning, I woke feeling happy with the exception of my sinuses overloaded and leaking. Yuck. By 2pm I had to lie down for a nap, having left my house for an hour to pick up cookies from a friend. Now, these are special cookies. I look forward to them every year. These ARE the only cookies I eat during the holidays. My friend, the Chief, rocks! The sheer exhaustion from leaving and returning home for cookies let me know I was in trouble. I was sick. I napped for a few hours and then got up and triaged my needs.

I hate being sick in bed. I prefer to do it on the couch. I don’t know why. Perhaps because I get all bluesy if I am stuck in bed for too long or maybe I really enjoy the moment I can return to my clean bed once the cold is gone. I know it has something to do with my ability to breathe as I prop myself up in this ridiculous fashion when I sleep on the couch. Pillows galore, a nice smooshy* blanket, and tissues, water, throat lozenges, etc prepped around me for full access. I’m kind of my own Prima Donna when I get sick, but as long as I feel pampered by me, I’m doing okay.

After I prepped my area, I ate a light dinner then plopped down on the couch. I was 10 minutes into Judge Judy when I distinctly remember my fuzzy mind turned off.

It’s a new day now and I am still struggling with the cold. It’s kind of crappy to welcome the New Year in with a gratuitous amount of snot, but at least its coming out clear.

Oh, TMI?

I’m still pretty sure that this is going to be a good year for me. At least I hope so. I do have resolutions, but I resolved to do them well-before the change of the calendar year. I want to start submitting my writing and collecting rejection letters. I hope I’ll publish one or two too. I plan to run two 5ks this year and by next New Year I want to begin rock climbing…unless I get that job in London then the year is about moving. I hope this year is about moving. Well, it could also be about loving, making scores of money, and an interview with Oprah where she asks me when I first new I was gonna be somebody. Well at least I know the moving part is practical. :)

Ah well, this is my 2008 so far – a cold, some humor, and a fantasy about Oprah interviewing me.

*Apparently smooshy is not a word. I still feel like it is the best description of my blanket. So there dictionary, take that!

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twitches said...

Ooh, I had that same cold back at the beginning of December. Started feeling the throat tickle around 11:00 AM on a Sunday, and by Monday morning I was SICK. Took me seven days to get over it and I only went to work two days that week. Grr. Get well! (and by the way, don't believe that bullcrap about vitamin C and zinc lozenges - didn't do a thing for me)