Tuesday, January 22, 2008

poodle skirt to wall street work

I’ve been trying to write some articles for submission – one on pro-choice issues and another on universal health care for this State. I’m having a hard time focusing. Mostly I feel out of my league and I do not trust my perspectives. Also, I keep getting distracted. For example, I just spent an hour searching for this old poster I remember from High School. I had this preppy teacher my junior and senior year who wore tweed jackets with the patches on the elbow and jeans was a self-professed male feminist. He had this poster of the evolution of women on his wall. At the beginning is a woman in a 1950s poodle skirt vacuuming and at the end of the evolutionary model was a woman in a business suit. It was reflective of the evolutionary chart of humans, except it was all about women’s liberation. I never liked the poster. For some reason it summed up the two dimensional image of being a woman. I am supposed to be about taking care of you OR I’m a working woman. I remember looking at that poster in high school and thinking, I’m a little more complicated than that.

Anyway, I couldn’t remember if the woman in the poster had heels on at the end of her evolution into a working woman. For some reason, I have this need to know was she still in a skirt and how tall was her heels. So I googled images. I have yet to find the poster, but I did come across some interesting ones…see the posters in this post.

I don’t know why I am now obsessed with finding a poster I saw once in high school. Perhaps because it’s easier to be distracted by memories then focus on writing today. Really it’s because as a need-it-now consumer American, I need my curiosity quenched. Was she wearing heels or no? I need to know!

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Jane said...

Did you know that when you look up the word "distraction" in the Webster Dictionary, my picture is next to it??...he he.

Seriously, I'm like a dog with a bone when I'm on a mission to find something. I'm learning to laugh at my highly distractable nature.

Happy Wdnesday!!