Friday, January 25, 2008

You've Been Googled

I had to add this conversation I just had to a post. I appreciate that in our society - um, U.S. - we feel no qualms about mutilating the english language. Why not? How do you think "they" came up with latin? I mean, some pre-historic humans actually had to create language all together. So, I think this is just another extension in a long line of creating language.

Its also reflective of the pressence of Google in our lives.

Coworker: "What 'cha doing?"

GoGo: "I'm googling [some groups] in London, but not much is coming up."

Coworker: "Oh, are you using Google or Yahoo to google them?"

GoGo: I actually went to to see if something would come up, but apparently 'they' don't want to be googled.

Coworker: "You know if I can't find something with Google, I don't even bother."

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twitches said...

Where I live, we drink Coke. Sometimes our Coke is Sprite and sometimes it's Dr. Pepper. We also Xerox things, we don't photocopy them. And every MP3 player is an IPOD. Ah well.