Friday, February 29, 2008

diary of a NonSmoker Kinda Day 1: meds freak me out!

I am not taking the Chantix. I cannot get myself to take a new pill from the pharmaceutical companies who have established a history of drug recalls and blatant lying. After reviewing the research on this pill, well what is public anyway, this medication has not had enough research to ensure its safety. For example, we do not know if taking it now will affect a fetus if and when I get pregnant. No research here, but much assumptions. Some rats have been tested while pregnant and the results were deformity and death. That was at 10 times the dose humans receive.

When I ask the question does quitting out weigh the consequences. The answer is No. You’all I’m quitting to live, so why would I accept the potential for more damage to my body then what I have already done. I mean I am a smoker, but I’ll be damn if that isn’t down the same road as the Tuskegee Experiments. Except its wrong to smoke…right, I really am a bad person aren’t I? Fuck no, and I am NOT buying into that kind of mentality. Study the research…we don’t know all the potential effects. If I could trust the pharmaceutical companies, I would totally take it, but you can’t. Over and over again they have proven they will manipulate and cut corners for profit.

Still, I won’t be the test case in this scenario even if I am a smoker and deformed babies are better then me smoking apparently. There is an ideology occurring with this new pill that doesn’t feel right. Not to me anyway. What I have read only informs that this is too risky a medication, and the ONE reason that folks try and combat the potential risks is “Well the benefits outweigh the potential consequences.” Not smoking is the benefit. So, I just decided I’ll quit on my own and not spend the next 5 years wondering if my kid is going to be affected.

There have been no deformed babies. There just isn’t enough research on women who have used the medication and produced children afterwards, and at 10X the dose in rats, this med does cause deformity of fetuses. Just reiterating for the one person who starts the game of telephone and one day the PharMa is at my door expecting me to pay them. And lets face it women, the pharmaceutical and medical industry haven’t really taken our health into account for much of anything. Tampoons – made for women – have toxins in them. Childbirth is treated like an epidemic of pain that must be stopped. Um, there is Viagra but where the hell is my orgasmic pill?

Nah, I guess I would rather continue to fight the cold turkey fight and be done with this sh!t once and for all.

I changed the quit plan a little to accommodate the cold turkey way. Every day I try and quit the whole day. Week 1, I do not smoke at work. Week 2, I only smoke 5 cigarettes and do not smoke at work. Week 3, I cut out 1 cigarette of the 5 until there are no more to smoke. And I try and quit every day. Starting with day 1. I have yet to have a cigarette. To be honest, I like the blurry head buzz from not smoking. Though the idea of not smoking at some point today feels impossible. Oh addiction, You own me…bastard.
And why would a smoker think they are better then the pharmaceutical companies? I grew up over medicated. Great doctors, but the medication protocol only made me sicker. Even now, I am a smoker and I am no longer on 5 different pills for asthma and sinus infections. I’m not saying medications aren’t important, they are! I just had the bad experiences on the spectrum of things. Learned a long time ago, they’ll dose you for anything!


53/365 Mr. Man

You were a wrinkled old man when I met you, greeting me in neonate form; we hugged trees together and built buildings. Your smile unhinged bad vibes, you’re a fun kid.

i am a participant of x365

At my friend, The Chief's, request i am going to start posting a lump of these once or twice a week. apparently it is more fun to get a dollop at a time then have to wait each day for one entry. i totally get it! beacause i am a stickler for the rules, i am now going to try to get ahead, so i am posting the weeks x365 in advance. who wants to feel behind all the time. i'm just saying, its stressful enough to think of 365 people! :) and speaking of the x365, this is a great process. it really makes me look at how i carry people and how i remember them. i'm at 53 now and i still have a load of people i can write about. i never knew how we folks affect each other in layers. we are so connected to one another. this writing project has been trippy fun. anywho, i was digressing again...for The Chief, I will now dispense in dollops!


Thursday, February 28, 2008

carry yourself

Dear Grandchildren,

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s not how we carry ourselves forward that matters the most in life. Life can be full of suffering. It can. I will not deny that death brings grief; anger brings hurt, and the heart can get bruised from time to time. I see so many people in my world who linger under the wounds of hurt, carrying it on their sleeves confusing suffering for the heart exposed. I have seen so many folks adamant to avoid feel through their suffering, they lie stagnant in the pain perpetually digging deeper into their own scars. It’s not the heart strapped to the arm then, it’s the misery of having one.

Pain is inevitable sometimes, as life just has a way of being both happiness and sorrow mixed. I’m writing you this pragmatic prose in hopes that I might shed some burden for you on your own road forward. How you carry yourself through the micro chasm of distress that comes our way is really the key to a good life. My proof for my words is, I don’t know you yet, but you know me. I have no clue, even now as I skid through my 30s, how the hell we get to you, but still I write to you. I write with faith – that act of playing as if something is really true even if our lives tell us something different. I believe that there will be someone at the end of this letter, even if I am unsure how you might be there ready to read my words.

As a social worker, in the mental health field none-the-less, too many times I see the same sadness from different mouths, each thinking their misery is a special kind dosed out just for them. Others cause their suffering; others make or break their days. So many think that the idea of loss, anger, sadness, and depression are impassable feelings that linger until our end. So not true. If we take the time to find the good amongst the bad, no matter how faint it feels, we really do go forward with a lighter sense of self.

Even grief is the process of caring about what was lost. I grieve because I care for what has left me. Sure it’s a pretty sh!tty process sometimes, but it is their to honor the loss, not drown us with pain. It is there to give us pause; so that we may learn what to carry with us and what must be let go of. Though I cannot change the loss, I can honor grief for what it truly is in the situation.

So feel your pain to walk through it. Find a song or poem that reflects the mood, know you are not alone in the feeling, and then release it. Find the songs and poems that reflect how you want to feel and listen to know that we really do go through cycles in life. Whatever you do though, remember to carry yourself as your life is a unique dance meant for you to live one time only, no matter how many lifetimes you live with your soul. Carry yourself as though you are meant to be and avoid believing that it is the suffering that is meant to be.

With Love,


52/365 Gabriel Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane

sitting here listening to Sweet Jane, memory wrapping around my shoulders like you once did - a smile and a whisper, a nod and then fingers linked, you quietly led me outside.

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Bob Marley - war

Inspired by Poe'frika's post:

Seems about right.


51/365 Angie v.

Her mom made her drink slim fast even before Jr. High School, too worried she’d get fat. She drank chocolate slim while we ate the school pizza. I hope for her.

i am a participant of x365.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Feist - Sea Lion Woman (Live)

Eventually i'll be writing again. got to figure out what to say, until then why not pass along the love of music.

hoping to see feist in March when they come through Detroit.


50/365 Heidi

Hair stylist. Came in & gave her a pic of the style. She cuts it in complete silence, while listening to soaps, editing the style as I saw fit. Nice cut.

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Monday, February 25, 2008

Talib Kweli - Hostile Gospel Pt. 1 [Deliver Us]

really like Kweli's lyrics hear. okay the whole song is good!



47/365 thru 49/365: residuals from high school

47/365 Ryan
In High School, we went to your grave, adding to the mementos left on tombstone, retelling story of how you died in Jr. High, reentering to save kittens in the fire.

48/365 Summer
She informed our English class that she wanted to go to the Prom with Eric because chances were better she would get Prom Queen then with her boyfriend. She didn’t win.

49/365 Stephanie
Voted Class President. Nice, sweet, popular, smart and very responsible in High School. Never exhibiting insecurity like her friends (see Summer). She actually won by popular vote. Her demeanor disabled envy.

I am a participant of x365

Friday, February 22, 2008

Read then check out Clinton

So in my State, Michigan, Republicans tie-barred an anti-abortion bill to bills pertaining to Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA). These bills would alleviate auto insurance premiums unfairly set around geography and credit reports. See, if your lower income and oh lets in Detroit, you may pay the highest premiums on auto-insurance in the State. We are all mandated to have insurance for our cars, so its important that premiums are fair and vaible. The bill also forces MCCA to open their books to the Freedom of Information Act, because at this moment, apparently they do not have to submit certain documents.

What do these bills have to do with the Anti-abortion bill? Nothing. Except to stop said bills from seeing the light of day.

Got to love our gov't. not!

The bills in question are HB 4675 -4678. As soon as I can, I will link them here.

Anyway, that is why I posted the Clinton whoop ass below. Humor to offset the frustrations with this State.

Happy Friday, GoGo

Bill Clinton open a can of whoop...

45/365 & 46/365: not quite captured in 31 words

45/365 Annette
Front-line liberation worker, she was a bright star that burned out too fast, sending the world to spin without her light source in the sky. It doesn’t seem right, does it?

46/365 Jenn (undergrad)
Taught me the first three chords of Wish You Were Here. Told us the story about carmex rubbed on a$$, squishing face to make the point, leaving us exhausted from laughing.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

A Weather The Feather Test

This is a band out of Portland, OR. Holla to Portland!

i think i might be the only person who gets into a good mood from listening to melodic music.

My edges are starting to feel worn raw as my schedule is filled to the max. Working too much, playing a little too much too. Trying to get from point A to point B, and i woke up feeling further away then ever before AND my car has decided to act up today. phh.

fastforward: pop in this song, and its all manageable.

And lyrics about hedgehogs are ace to me.

Whatever. Don't judge.


44/365 Cynthia

We were two peas in a corn field. She the Muslim women, me the queer, working at the Christian Psychology Center, Small Town USA. My first exposure to the Koran. Thanks.

I am a participant of x365.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Po'Girl at the Lang Spoon Festival

Going to see them next week in A2. Very excited.


42/365 & 43/365: early college years

42/365 Alex
Tripped-out traveler, chewing the marrow of life until the bone became hollow and then you made a whistle. The poem given me, weathered yellow into memory, tucked in an old journal.

43/365 Steven
Your kindness and humor still sticks to memory's skin, I’ll never think of the word “fork” or “rubber” the same. I hope to look you up if ever in Hong Kong.

I am a participant of x365.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

40/365 - 41/365: one, another

40/365 Scotty
Labeled school nerd, product of others hatred. I remember at 6 defending you from 4 gyrls throwing snowballs at you, breaking your glasses. I’d do it anytime. We blame the victims.

41/365 George Bush
Hail, Prez. You’ve been in my life way too long, sending our honorable soldiers for your greedy war. Why is it I don’t mind Obama’s past cocaine history over your own?

I am a participant of x365

Friday, February 15, 2008

word to your bad habits

So, once again I have decided to quit smoking. Yes, I am one of those people who struggle with smoking. I want to quit, but something keeps me from completing the desire. Still I keep trying. I want to quit smoking.

I will admit, there is a part of me who likes smoking. I just do. The deep inhale, hold, and exhale. The filter between my fingers. The snapping sound of the carcinogenetic embers burning. Sigh.

Alas, for me, this is one of the last frontiers of irrational behaviors that sound good, but aren’t really. Like drinking soda. It sounds good doesn’t it? A guzzle of super charged sugar and bubbles down the gullet. Hmm. In moderation soda is good, but too much and…well, there is tooth decay, diabetes, etc. I don’t drink pop, except once in a blue moon because it’s just not good for us. So, I ask myself daily, why am I not drinking pop, but smoking a cancer cell just waiting to happen? I also ask myself do I really want to get lung cancer and know I can’t wail out loud to G-d, “Why! Why! I’m not ready to go?” Because my internal dialogue WILL SAY – “Dude, you know this is your fault.”

I know there are some who might comment, soda is different it doesn’t kill! Duh. I’m not judging your intake of soda, do what you want, I am just saying why would I abstain from pop but not smoking? But then, humans are irrational sometimes. We do things not for our best interest but what feels good, and a nice parliament between the fingers feels good.

Anywho. What spurs me to quit is I don’t like the idea that I am addicted to something. That it doesn’t take my body long to crave a smoke and that honestly, I don’t even think about popping one to my mouth at home. That bastard Parli owns me and well, mmm, I don’t like that feeling. I also wonder what life would look like if I didn’t spend time in my day devoted to smoking…like breaks and before I go out. I don’t like the smell. I don’t like the cough. I ironically do like the buzz of smoking after running, which is seriously messed up. I don’t like knowing I could be a faster runner if I quit smoking. I don’t like the fact that if I do get lung cancer, after all the PSAs on TV informing me that it causes cancer, I would look like a tragic moron when I die of cancer.

Also, if I have a kid…I cannot smoke. I don’t want my kid coming home with pamphlets about the harms of smoking trying to bargain me to quit like I did my Mom. Nor do I want my kid to think its okay AND FINALLY, I don’t care what people say, I believe 2nd hand smoke is addictive.

Why am I posting? ‘Cause I got another one of my plans in the work. This time I am using Chantix. I so want to quit cold turkey. Its not happening, and I want to quit more then looking good quitting. Blah. Unfortunately, I don’t trust this drug. It’s the new miracle drug which means the lot of us will probably grow tumors in our lungs within five years. They’re using the argument that the drug may have side effects, but quitting out weigh the effects. Which as we all know means…we hired a public relations person to cover up some serious sh!t so when the truth comes out we can say we really told you so…but not really. I figure it might be good to chronicle the experience of taking such a new drug for others. I found it helpful to actually talk to people who used the medication, so perhaps someone else might benefit too. And if the rumors are true that Chantix can cause a mental melt down...well you saw it here first, folks.

Anyway, my quit date is February 29th, Leap Day. I feel like I just picked the best wedding (I mean quit) date ever! Tehe. I am preparing to quit and prepping my resources. Today, I just decided if I put it on the blog, I will have to follow through.


39/365 Betsy

I met you in Dekalb, IL - music festival. We used my van to get high enough on the flagpole to lower the American flag for the soldiers dying. Our civil disobedience.

I am a participant of x365

My condolences to the students and families of NIU.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

38/365 A (happy valentine's day)

beautiful eyes, witty smile, gorgeous lips, tall, confident. activist, listener, comedian, rich life, rebel, visionary, a soft coy soul just living the unique life given her, and what a great experience.

I am a participant of x365.

the story of stuff

"The Story of Stuff" is a 20 minute video that explains sustainability. We are coming into a day and age where we must learn to live sustainably. I know for myself, this is not an inherent trait in that I have been born and raised in a consumerist society. I am expected to consume and we are taught to judge each other by the measure of what we have. STUFF.

Which as a side thought, I don't want my world to turn into one of those futuristic epics like Soylent Green where the top dogs have what little is left of the world while the masses (SPOILER ALERT) are forced to eat each other without even knowing it. I know, who believes that could happen. But, look at our world. We aren't living to sustain life or promote well-being, we are living in this constant state of competition for the most comforts and the most things. Maybe we don't know it since most of us have access to things without too much effort. Though we are not being forced to eat our own, cows are expected to.

I like things. I like my IPOD, my ability to afford a gym membership, my access to high quality clothes and i can afford to buy organic foods. Perhaps its because i wasn't born into absolute comfort, but i dare say that these things are at a cost to all. So, i most definitely appreciate this introduction video.

I'm probably sounding dramatic. In fact, I am....I am being dramatic. Soylent Green is such a tacky movie too. Most folks who read this site would probably already agree with me. I just think that we've lost the comfort of time to decide if sustainability is an option, and we need to actually begin living sustainably. Unfortunately, sustainability will come to the richest first, then the upper middle class, and by consumerist model folks will finally figure out how to trickle it cheap to the masses. Yeah, that's not going to work. We all need to be conscious now. So, how do we get there? Begin by watching the video. Its informative and entertaining.

Oh, and if you haven't seen Soylent Green, the future apparently looks like a side street in New York and 70s fashion is back in style. :)

I found this via YP4 (Young People for...). You might want to check out their site too.


Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Hillary vs Obama

What can I say. I appreciate wit and sarcasm. I think this is geared toward the Obama voters, which I may be one of, but am not committing to anything yet. Just listening and reading much! Anyway, this was fun to watch.


37/365 Kris (i am grateful)

You told me exactly what I needed to hear, “I love you and you are beautiful”. Thank you, for reality didn’t match the words, forcing me to learn to internalize them.

I am a participant of x365.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

McCain the drain for president!

I cannot get this to post to my site, but am trying again. Watch there will be 3 of the same post tomorrow.

I found this at los anjalis blog, see side bar. It made with laugh and brought chills.


slip sliding away: why gogo's just go with the flow in life

Well it finally happened. All winter I have successfully stayed afloat. Close calls have happened. A slip, a slide, but somehow my spidery senses were able to keep me from falling down on the ice. Last night I was walking out of the coffee shop and without any kind of notice I fell flat on my butt, elbow scraped, head ricocheting against the solid ice.


I tell you, the city is entirely encrusted with ice. Not smooth, ice skating quality ice either. It’s rough and bumpy. Remnants of tire treads sculpt the landscape. And if ground is exposed below the layers of sheer ice, it’s usually a pot hole peeking through. I’m just saying its rough terrain.

Now, I have pride for my ability to escape close calls. Sure I might look like an idiot as I slip on the ice, but at least I save myself the fall. Not this time. Nope. I went down so fast I was flat on the ground before my internal dialogue could finish saying, “I’m slipping.”

So, there I am lying in the middle of this alleyway for a second trying to get my bearings. My head and butt were competing for first place in pain when these two guys I know came walking up and began to sing Simon & Garfunkel’s song, Slip Sliding Away, right over my prostrated body.

Yeah. I love this town.

36/365 Kendra

Side kick super hero in grad school. Had a good time taking turns “outing” each other in classes. We were always out, it was just a game we played. Good times.

I'm a participant of x365

Monday, February 11, 2008

Single vs. Coupledom: Taxes are too damn high!

This was an interesting read. Apparently, Joyce and Sybil Burden, two sisters sharing their family home in the U.K. report that they are victims of discrimination under Britain's civil partner law. Check out FemmeNoir to read more about this interesting case.

I am still processing what a case like this means to me. As I read this, it sounds like the taxes expected of single people is just too damn high in Britain. A person should be able to expect to inherit their home from a family member AND be able to pay heritage taxes without fear of loosing their home. Citizens should expect that land and homes can remain in the family when someone dies. These taxes are to be questioned not someone's right to marry. At least, that's how I see things in my world. Of course, I also think these two women should have the same rights of married/civil unioned couples. It is also reflective of the discrimination perpetuated against single individuals. Why is it that couples have more rights than individuals? Why must we idenitfy as couples to gain tax breaks?

Taxes are revenue constructions. They are created for the purpose of increasing funds that governments use to pay for other services (a very generic understanding here). Tax breaks are created to remedy burdens placed on specific populations, organizations, etc. within a particular system. So, where are the tax breaks for two elder members of society who just want to keep their home?

I do think these single women should have equal rights as gay/straight couples within the United Kingdom. Why should they be penalized for being single? They share the same burden of home ownership that couples do.

Still, I would want the right to civil union in U.K. as a queer person, so lets hope this case remedies their issue without disturbing others rights of civil union.

I have not done any research on this case and my thoughts are a response to this one post.

stapler has something to do

Cold day, temperatures below zero, the air carries a warped breath as the skin leathers to the exposure. I get to work on time. That’s 2. Just kidding. Still its a sad number compared to the days I have worked here. I have a meeting I am leading, and this is my momentum. Sounds like me, the hired stapler, stapling my own pages to this place. Sounds like me, I can wake up when there is a deadline. Not that on-time shouldn’t be the deadline, I‘m talking about deadlines with a purpose, with a project and motivation. I’m talking about coming in to something to do.

35/365 Lori C.

Jr. High, drafting class, you always gave me the thumbs-up when I spoke. Once I puked all over the table, you asked if I was okay. I gave you the thumbs-up.

I am a participant of x365.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

33/365 & 34/365: Cat & the Hershey Kiss

33/365 Lonetta
My gyrl with the hershy’s kisses, we spend our time like the dynamic duo, the Christian and the Dyke, spreading chaos and love whenever we work. I remember the conversation still.

34/365 Becca
Co-worker extraordinaire, totally introduced me to the best cat ever. Gracie was such a good time. She reminds me attitude can come with a smile. You’re on my dream team, lady.

I am a participant of x365.

Friday, February 8, 2008

32/265 Chad

My enthusiasm for Super Tuesday leathered when I thought of you, missing the days when we all watched the reports together. This is a mighty year and I wonder your opinion.

I am a participant of x365.

Missy Higgins - Steer

Life’s been busy. My days are kind of filled with so many things to do, I barely notice time is passing by. Its February already. Its 2008. I guess I’ve been too busy steering my life to notice. Excuse the pun. :) I cannot remember where I discovered Missy Higgins. Who out there in blogville posted her video “Where I Stood”? Anyway, I like Missy. She’s poppy, but fun. What I like about this video I am posting is the concept of the song. Yeah, I can steer…hence the pun. What I REALLY like about this video is the part in the video where she wipes her face. She’s so hot at that moment. Not necessarily the second time, but the first time she does it…heart just went bling!

Have a good weekend. ~GoGo

Thursday, February 7, 2008

31/365 Colleen

Cracked glass and tile dreams, you’re the coffee shop entrepreneur that makes me feel pure joy. Thanks for opening the space. It really helped me through grad school. Coffee’s good too.

I am a participant of x365.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

GoGo's Cafe: Maya Stein

I like poetry. Words twisted into verse speaking truths. One of my favorites poets is Maya Stein. I appreciate the way she feels through life and then etches it on her page.

I tried posting a poem here for your review, but the formating is all wrong. I need to learn how to write in html, don't I.

So, go here and read her poem.


28/365 - 30/365: My Keeps continued

28/365 Dustin
You’ve had to brave life born into poverty and without the resources that most of us rely on to survive. You’re a brilliant soul, kind. I admire the kid you are.

29/365 Dalton
Second in line to walk poverty’s line. I barely know you or you me. We stare at each other when I come to visit, “auntie with the education”, I’m your black-sheep.

30/365 Amber
My older sis. You still call me ‘baby sister’. As children, you cradled me in your safety, until the day I grew older than you, and then I began holding you.

I'm a participant of x365.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

yael naim new soul clip

Feelin a bit under the weather. Found this video on dorothy surrenders and it made me smile. very fun.

now back to me and another cold.


Sunday, February 3, 2008

26/365 - 27/365: my keeps

26/365 Ashleigh
Warm ball of southern twanged sunshine, your smile radiates from you. You’re the bright hope of future and imagination, who began to write poetry by age 10. Your my little cousin.

27/365 Little Bo
Tall and growing taller, your heart was on your sleeve at birth. You tell gross fart jokes and only from you do I appreciate them. You are my heart, little brother.

I am a participant of x365.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Old School Hatred in New School Form: No Fat People Allowed

OMG, what days we have entered. Apparently, Mississippi has introduced House bill 282 by Representative W.T. Mayhall, Jr. that will bar “fat” people from being served in restaurants. Yeah, it’s exactly how I wrote it!
Any food establishment to which this section applies shall not be allowed to serve food to any person who is obese, based on criteria prescribed by the State Department of Health after consultation with the Mississippi Council on Obesity Prevention and Management established under Section 41-101-1 or its successor. The State Department of Health shall prepare written materials that describe and explain the criteria for determining whether a person is obese, and shall provide those materials to all food establishments to which this section applies.
section 1 subsection 2 ....full text here.

So what’s the point of this bill? I mean this law would say that, if you are obese, we don’t want you here in public eating next to us, the thin people, and to ensure we don’t have to see you, we’re going to punish any food establishment that lets you in – fatty, fat, fat! Oh and just so you know, we’re going to have restaurant establishments get your BMI and keep it on record.

This law does nothing to promote healthier lifestyles! In the “fight on obesity” this bill clearly argues that if you are overweight, there is something wrong with you, so much so, you cannot be seen eating in public! It doesn’t reduce the amount of trans fats in the food served, doesn’t create municipal or state level grants for programs that promote healthy food education. It is a law that promotes segregation! Except, apparently since Mississippi can no longer segregate based on color, its decided to pick on larger folks. Hey, why not, apparently its social acceptable these days to hate obese people. I mean fat people are lazy and are gluttonous and it’s on people to make sure there are consequences for that gluttony.

This bill is blatant act of social shunning and abuse of social laws. There is no reason for the bill except to isolate and star individuals as unacceptable to a certain section of the masses. It is clearly old school hatred in new school form – its no longer kosher to pick on you for the color of your skin, so let’s just base it on your belt size! Fatty, fat, fat, fat.

Mr. Mayhall, clearly you are under the impression that laws are for controlling the masses, not promoting the public well-being. Did you mad lib the old Jim Crow laws or what!

Go to Feministe and Junkfood Science for some more articulate and well-rounded commentary.

25/365 Danielle F.

Behind the softball field in the school playground, we took turns bouncing on the ball until it burst. We buried it behind the oak, then went inside with a pinky swear.

I'm a participant of x365.