Friday, February 29, 2008

53/365 Mr. Man

You were a wrinkled old man when I met you, greeting me in neonate form; we hugged trees together and built buildings. Your smile unhinged bad vibes, you’re a fun kid.

i am a participant of x365

At my friend, The Chief's, request i am going to start posting a lump of these once or twice a week. apparently it is more fun to get a dollop at a time then have to wait each day for one entry. i totally get it! beacause i am a stickler for the rules, i am now going to try to get ahead, so i am posting the weeks x365 in advance. who wants to feel behind all the time. i'm just saying, its stressful enough to think of 365 people! :) and speaking of the x365, this is a great process. it really makes me look at how i carry people and how i remember them. i'm at 53 now and i still have a load of people i can write about. i never knew how we folks affect each other in layers. we are so connected to one another. this writing project has been trippy fun. anywho, i was digressing again...for The Chief, I will now dispense in dollops!


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