Friday, February 22, 2008

Read then check out Clinton

So in my State, Michigan, Republicans tie-barred an anti-abortion bill to bills pertaining to Michigan Catastrophic Claims Association (MCCA). These bills would alleviate auto insurance premiums unfairly set around geography and credit reports. See, if your lower income and oh lets in Detroit, you may pay the highest premiums on auto-insurance in the State. We are all mandated to have insurance for our cars, so its important that premiums are fair and vaible. The bill also forces MCCA to open their books to the Freedom of Information Act, because at this moment, apparently they do not have to submit certain documents.

What do these bills have to do with the Anti-abortion bill? Nothing. Except to stop said bills from seeing the light of day.

Got to love our gov't. not!

The bills in question are HB 4675 -4678. As soon as I can, I will link them here.

Anyway, that is why I posted the Clinton whoop ass below. Humor to offset the frustrations with this State.

Happy Friday, GoGo

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