Thursday, February 14, 2008

the story of stuff

"The Story of Stuff" is a 20 minute video that explains sustainability. We are coming into a day and age where we must learn to live sustainably. I know for myself, this is not an inherent trait in that I have been born and raised in a consumerist society. I am expected to consume and we are taught to judge each other by the measure of what we have. STUFF.

Which as a side thought, I don't want my world to turn into one of those futuristic epics like Soylent Green where the top dogs have what little is left of the world while the masses (SPOILER ALERT) are forced to eat each other without even knowing it. I know, who believes that could happen. But, look at our world. We aren't living to sustain life or promote well-being, we are living in this constant state of competition for the most comforts and the most things. Maybe we don't know it since most of us have access to things without too much effort. Though we are not being forced to eat our own, cows are expected to.

I like things. I like my IPOD, my ability to afford a gym membership, my access to high quality clothes and i can afford to buy organic foods. Perhaps its because i wasn't born into absolute comfort, but i dare say that these things are at a cost to all. So, i most definitely appreciate this introduction video.

I'm probably sounding dramatic. In fact, I am....I am being dramatic. Soylent Green is such a tacky movie too. Most folks who read this site would probably already agree with me. I just think that we've lost the comfort of time to decide if sustainability is an option, and we need to actually begin living sustainably. Unfortunately, sustainability will come to the richest first, then the upper middle class, and by consumerist model folks will finally figure out how to trickle it cheap to the masses. Yeah, that's not going to work. We all need to be conscious now. So, how do we get there? Begin by watching the video. Its informative and entertaining.

Oh, and if you haven't seen Soylent Green, the future apparently looks like a side street in New York and 70s fashion is back in style. :)

I found this via YP4 (Young People for...). You might want to check out their site too.


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