Monday, March 3, 2008

54/365 - 58/365: odd ends in life

54/365 Schuler
7th grade Algebra teacher, called my parents, he was worried for me – suspected older brother hit me – I told my parents I was fine. He was the only teacher who noticed.

55/365 Skinner
5th grade teacher. She showed us her grandfather’s grave when we toured Silverbrook. He happened to turn his tombstone toward the street so everyone would see his name when they passed.

56/365 Billy
Good-boy, a soldier at 18, you’d bring us home copies of the constitution and gas masks for toys. That civil duty instilled in us, dissipated with the idea you could’ve died.

57/365 Robin
Southern-belled Yankee. My aunt, I appreciated visiting you and the kids when I passed through Alabama. You had your friends come over and sing for me. I like your candid politeness.

58/365 Clevey
Polished your riffle while talking about killing faggots, your words the underbelly of redneck pride. I confronted the ignorance, but waited to tell Robin I was gay until you were gone.

i am a participant of x365.

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