Wednesday, March 5, 2008

59/365 - 63/365: cobwebs do not live here

59/365 Heather (high school)
Quieter then most, it was my goal to get you speaking. I loved sharing time with you, Bff in High School. Maid of Honor in your wedding, honored to do so.

60/365 Marie (college)
“Thank G-d, someone real” my first thought when I met you freshman year. Introduced me to Ani DeFranco, I’m still sorry Pepe’ died under my watch. He was a good fish.

61/365 Sarah u.(college)
Impulsivity led me to knock on your door ‘cause of the vague movie quote. You answered and 2 years later I’m sharing my first apartment with you. How is New York?

62/365 Bluehair Matt (college)
spinning blur, laughter cackled towards the walls echoed back again. my themed acquaintance, good musician, twas that one night that led me to head out of town. Twenties angst and drama.

63/365 Tonya (college/underage drinking ;) )
CYA me a favor one week when I left town without telling anyone. Friends called police and you made sure my dorm room was screened before they came. Oops. smart gyrl.

i am a participant of x365.

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