Tuesday, March 11, 2008

64/365 - 69/365: iced americano & Hitler

64/365 Spe^dway Clerk
She came into the coffee shop I worked at for a sneeze. Small iced Americano with a shot of caramel and chocolate, whip cream on top. She serves me at Spe^dway.

65/365 Mandell
Still have the picture of us, heads sticking through the plywood, bulging faces over a western theme. What was the theme of senior night? Happy Trails to you. We loved it.

66/365 Charlie
Jr. High bully who loved to remind me my class. Couldn’t bear to know a redneck hick was in AT classes. My sheer presence could flush your neck red. I loved every minute.

67/365 Josh (Junior Year, High School)
He wrote an article – homosexuals were monsters. I stood up, walked his work to the trash and tossed it to a mouth gapping room and a teacher who couldn’t stop smiling.

68/365 Edward
Introduced me to civil disobedience and self-reliance. An irreverent English teacher – wore jeans and tweed jackets with elbow patches. He’d intentionally say I was a good writer in front of Charlie.

69/365 Joe (summers in high school)
Doped-up from institutionalization, he thought he was Hitler. He’d bring you a stick and say “Shoot me” until you went bang, then he’d fall down and get to be Joe again.

69/365 Joe (alternative)
He went from Hitler to TooToos between summers, standing up when the clowns came announcing he was Dorothy and began to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.” We rooted for his happiness!

i am a participant of x365.

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