Sunday, March 9, 2008

can i just be like 5 years old for 5 minutes

I have terrible horrible writers block. To top it off, I got a rejection letter yesterday that I just opened. Its kinda my first official one. Okay, as a catch up, I also got two acceptance letters earlier this year, so my ratio isn’t so bad. With that said, that damn letter made me feel like a looser – a terrible, horrible writer that sucks. Who knew so much could be packed into two sentences that were pleasant, but decline my piece. Who knew I had a sensitive ego. Okay, everyone knows I have a sensitive ego. I am surprised by the gut reaction to one letter though.

Don’t worry. I so know this is insecurity and let’s face it, pout-y. Kind of like the side of this self that gets pout-y every Sunday because just once I’d like someone to surprise me and bring me dinner or something, just ‘cause they knew I was working a 16 hour day. OMG, do I really need this? No. Does one rejection letter really equate failure? No. Still here I am pouting. And now I'm pouting about pouting!

Excuse me, I have to go kiss my booboo, write my work notes and go home.

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Jim C. Hines said...

This is going to sound a little odd, but congratulations on your first rejection letter!

There are a lot of people who write, but far fewer who find the courage to actually send their work out.