Monday, March 10, 2008

certainly not in my interest

Did you know that about 5,000 women marched in London this Saturday? Even a harder question, would you know why?

Yeah. I didn’t think so.

This past Saturday was International Women's Day. In 1908, 15,000 women marched through New York City demanding voting rights, shorter work hours and better pay. To celebrate this extraordinary event for not only women, but really all of us, International Women’s Day was created as an avenue for folks across the world to come together in the name of women’s rights. Or at least that is how I understand this date.

I’m not surprised if few of those sporadic readers even know about the date much less that this weekend approximately 5,000 women came out to march in London for the continuing struggle of women’s rights.

I knew about it. I even searched for things to do in this Midwest town to celebrate this event. Today I decided to web search to see the news on the March in London. You know what…very little media coverage. Why am I not surprised! I know London is a huge town, but come on, I only found a single snap shot on and that was it!

This reminds me how our media coverage across the world is incredibly suppressive. I sound like a conspiracy theorist don’t I? Please don’t think I am. To be quite frank, I think we as a species are lazy and easily led. Our media coverage across the globe continues to be ran and directed by a select few who decide what is best for our interest (or rather in their own interest), and I don’t know about the United Kingdom, but here in the U.S. we are easily satisfied by reality TV shows and bad SNL skits. Who needs to know that 5,000 women marched on Saturday in London or that there is even a War happening in Iraq perpetuated by the European powers that be…oh and our soldiers are coming back with PTSD and there is no media coverage on that either. One topic at a time though!

In a day and age when the public media isn’t delivering the news we need to know. I have gone in search of voices out there willing to speak out and question our system. In this sense, I appreciate blogville for exactly what it does – gives a space for people to use their voices. I have been sifting through this electronic medium trying to find the those voices speaking for the people globally. That side bar of mine touches just a few of the places where my media coverage comes from. Its imperative, even more so then ever before that we begin to turn away from main stream media, and I would dare say, turn our backs on it shunning its hypocrisy, and turn towards alternative media.

One picture, people. One picture in the BBC news representing 5,000 women who marched in the streets. That’s not okay.

Thank you Fword and Indymedia for posting something about this march in London.

Additional Marches around the world:

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Jane said...

Good morning gogo!

It's a sad thing when our media cares more about a filthy politician caught with a prostitute than women's rights!

Happy Wednesday ;)