Friday, March 14, 2008

in the self-conscious and insecure series

The day starts out sweet under a rising sun. Coffee in hand, I wait for the bus and finally feel the subtle embrace of spring warming the air around me. Hell yeah. What up spring? Welcome back.

I’m not sure, AGAIN, what I am doing with this page. If I write anymore, I have to keep it hidden away from here so that I can submit work. Though this page use to be nothing more then random scribbles about my life, there were things in those scribbles and pieces that I realized I could use for something else. Now when I write a piece, I have to pause and decide if I want to rework and submit. I do. Still I miss just writing head to finger and then posting instead of collecting every scrap of words and hording them in hopes that I can suck out the marrow in each line and apply it to publishable work. Damn ambition.

I think I still want to just jot down my life though. Why not. It keeps the fingers nimble and the mind engaged with my own story. I like you reading it too.

I’ve been trying to get comfortable writing about politics, social commentary, and the lot. Though behind this veil, I am a social justice advocate, a collective member of an anarchist info group, and actively pursuing change in our legislative system; this is a part of my life I like to just do and not bring into the writing. Guess you could say I am shy. Yeah, me. Don’t worry I hide it like I hide my social anxiety, with a twist of wrist and beautiful blue eyes. Chuckle. Seriously, I thought that if this damn public page could make it easier for me to write prose for the public view, why not try it for this area of my life. It’s not working, yet. I want to recede to just writing about daily life…and hope I bring in that part of my world too.

I like this page. I like writing. Let’s hope I can get back to feeling comfortable with it. That somehow an innocuous page among millions is a good thing for me. So excuse me if I randomly talk politics (I’ll always reference a better writer and commentator here) between random spouts about coffee drinking and living the life of a GoGo. And well, then there is the music.

Whatever. Its not like millions of us aren’t doing exactly what I am doing.


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beth coyote said...

It's important to write. It loosens me up to write poetry, like exercising to stay fit. How are you with no smoking?