Thursday, March 13, 2008

March 20, 2003: We Sent Our Soldiers Off to War

We are coming up to our anniversary you and I.

March 20, 2003. Know the date? That was the first day we invaded Iraq, in order to "to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), to end Saddam Hussein's support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people."(1) How we doing with that do you think?

Five years now we’ve invested our soldiers into this invasion on Iraq. Its $720 million dollars a day to keep up this relationship, and that doesn’t include the cost of medical care for soldiers returning mamed and mentally scarred. Whatever, they should be strong enough to blow up people and not be affected in our names. What do they expect anyway. Their civic duty is to go off and do what they are told, dieing if the need arises. And why should they expect us at home citizens living the life of freedom to care that its been five years now and soldiers are still dying. Our sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, our cousins, and friends who are over there, knew what they were getting into. If Bush says it’s the right thing, who am I to quiver.

But I quiver.

We are coming up to our anniversary, people. 5 years in Iraq. Five years of sending our family members off to war. Five years of soldier’s bodies coming quitely back without flags lowered half mass. Remember the whole debate about patriotism and supporting our soldiers? Division lines were made between those who supported the war and those who supported our soldiers coming home. Ironically it was more patriotic to salute a dead man then question why my brother was going off to die anyway.

But here we are, five years later, and we’re about to quietly pass by the day when this all began. Bush promised us there were weapons remember? We send our citizens across the sea to stop the evil in this world. The USA Good Ole Boys against the devil himself until we snapped his neck and went after his minions. I know most of us didn’t agree with what was happening. Didn’t believe our president even before he could mispronounce the words mass destruction.

What gets me is we passively ate the spoon fed bull shit. It was so easy to pacify the lot of us. Divide and concor, label any kind of protest anti-patriotic, so even lowering a flag in the name of a dead soldier becomes a radical thought too volatile to claim in the name of the soldiers dying.

We are coming up to the anniversary where we asked our military to go off and fight in our name. Whether you agreed with Bush, whether I agree with Bush, these soldiers are dying in all our names. We are in a public relation mind fuck too and we passively point at our governtment and say they’re doing it, not I. But here I am writing, its been 5 years now. So many of us disagree with what is happening and yet only a few of us our speaking out about it all…and even fewer are truly honoring the soldiers across the sea in our names.

There have been 3987 American deaths since the start of our invasion, 3,848 of them since “mission accomplished” on 5/1/03.(2) The returning wounded is between 23,000 to 100,000. This doesn’t include any soldier coming back with post tramautic stress because it does affect you when you have to kill someone. This doesn’t include the over a million Iraqi citizens who have died too. Disportionate, don’t you think.

We are coming up to our anniversary. The sad thing is, I expect the motivated few of us will protest the war, taking to the streets, while our most patriotic spend their Thursday doing whatever happens on Thursdays – working and hopping I suppose. I know who will be in the streets with me. I’ve seen them every year. I just wish I had the words to motivate the rest of us, still pretty certain this war is wrong, to go out and at least honor the soliders by remembering the day they began to die in the name of Bush’s War. In our names. To do a little more then hold out like passive little puppies for our next president to make it all better.

Happy Anniversary.

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