Wednesday, April 23, 2008

special report

we are currently experiencing life. when life happens, we ask that you please exit boring dry work buildings in a calm and orderly fashion directly to your closest playground outside. you do not need to be a child to do this. once at the park, we ask that you run around, fall down, and scream at the top of your lungs. if you cannot do this, we ask that you step aside for those of us who can.

this has been a public service announcement. please stay tuned...

oh, check this out too.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

103/365 - 104/365: Double C

At this moment, I feel like a runner in the middle of the race, and I'm getting a cramp! 261 to go. ~gg

103/365 Claire
Server at this tiny diner - GH. She made a point to know everyone’s name. So comfortable with her, we could serve our own coffee while we waiting for a table.

104/365 Cynthia
Policy Professor who worked us hard. Began the class hating policy, determined to learn it, she made policy worth the education. We classmates had to cram daily just to keep up.

i am a participant of x365.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Thoreau, Emmerson, Paine...?

Coleman Co-Sponsors troubling, under-the-radar domestic terrorism bill.

Scary sh!t. I'd be considered a subversive because I believe lowering the flag half mass while our soldiers are dying is something we should be doing. Its as simple as that, folks. Radical Thought created our country and here we are afraid of it!

Check out the article.


Thursday, April 17, 2008

101/365 - 102/365: We All Remember Family Ties...

101/365 Robert
Loved playing He-man with you, ‘cause you had all the figurines. You told the best jokes and you let me wrestle with you. Total Fun playing Ruler of the balance beam.

102/365 Robert’s Mom
Still remember you coming into our 2nd grade class and singing Puff the Magic Dragon while strumming your guitar. You looked like “Mrs. Keaton” to me and acted like her too.

i am a participant of x365.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sketchbook: bitter sweets

Eight Ball Corner Pocket
A cackled laugh echoing in the hallway, her shoe slipped off while running. Her friend dared her to run after, chasing dreams hung in sunbeams outside these office walls. She conceded racing for the doors until the shoe went furling into the air, bouncing off the marble walls like a cue ball ricocheting off the edges of a pool table; she hits the corner pocket – that gapping mouth of the garbage can.

Bus Stop Suicide
Overheard conversations aren’t always fun as she sits next to me expressing pain so deep she actually threatens to cut herself to the anonymous someone on the other side. If that someone left, she’d be so lost she might kill herself. My mind winces, swallowing back anger for letting her chaotic sh!t spew out beside me. I just wanted to skip out on my professional duties and become Ann Landers on her a$$, telling her that not loving yourself isn’t the best selling point to get others to love her.

The early morning air is crisp with the smell of Hyacinth’s somewhere growing. Nostalgia hits me like waves of nausea, my noise fills with the scent of you. Remembering sunsets flushing the sky beautiful while we planned our futures, separate but always together. Youth’s love is always the hardest as I turn the corner of time long since grown into someone else and here I am struck sick by the thought of you.

Bus Stop Lovers
He takes his hand and puts it on her back rubbing the bump where her wings could have grown. He whispers sweet somethings into her ear and she smiles back. Two foreheads tilt together as they wrap themselves into each other. I imagine they are lovers who decided to keep going.

Monday, April 14, 2008

98/365 - 100/365: Echologia of memories

98/365 Mr. Fred
Elementary School Maintenance guy, you would make me smile. Kindness permeated everything you did. I respected who you were in our community. Taught me a good soul must be strived for.

99/365 Charles (5th Grade Teacher)
You’d yell “Hooooooo” to call us in from recess. My one quirk, you constantly compared me to your son because we were both tall. Predicted I’d marry Ray T. Didn’t happen.

100/365 Bike Man (every neighborhood should have one)
Had his own bike shop in his garage in my hometown neighborhood, layers of old bike parts. We’d take our bikes there to get fixed. Every Saturday he’d have bike sales.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Playing in the GoGo Cafe'

On the Walls:
I found this awesome photography randomly one day. Canlidostlar makes my mouth water. Located in Turkey I believe, I have no clue what this artist is saying, since I don’t speak…Turkish?, but who needs words when you have such beautiful photos. I know I’ve seen a particular one in a magazine somewhere. I cannot say enough about this page!!!!!!!

Playing Now:
Fred Viola
Mary Win

Our Specials:
Cubed Coffee? What.

good morning, happy friday

Erin McKeown - you were right about everything.

sweet, sweet song.


Thursday, April 10, 2008

hey, its only art

am heading out to see Feist tonight. very excited. am passing along a random photo i took i believe at a 1/2 marathon in Flint. just put me in a good mood to see it again, though i think i was in a good mood before i saw it. can good moods get better?

94/365 - 97/365: Two Coles, a Jonas, and a Greg

94/365 Cole
Came with us for beers. Funny. He sifted out information through casual conversation, we surfed age, career, and stability between the lines. Yeah, kudos to me that I past the cut.

95/365 Cole
Dig this merch. Met her at festival, never thinking she’d take over the music company gig after I was gone. Now, we dish about the scene and which shows to see.

96/365 Jonas
Another philosophical lover living life. Story –“I can’t give you back the sign.” Listened to your jazz segment on Mondays, you’d play Nina Simon for me. We still need to play chess, buddy.

97/365 Greg
He has a love affair with music really. Finding new bands worth the listen, I check in just to see what he’s found. Nicest guy too, good taste. Can’t sing though. :)

i am a participant of x365

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

from the sketch book: life

Ah, another day. I made it to work on time. Go me.

Below is a sketch, inspired by Melissa Ferrick's new song John's Field:

Life layered, she’s the most complicated thing I know. Life. A perpetual cycle of happiness, sadness, joy and pain. Life, she brings suffering and balance. Life, she brings love and loss. Life, she knows how to keep it interesting at the very moment the interest might get lost.

I could say that life is high maintenance. ‘Cause she is you know. She asks me to spend my time working to live and she asks me to live between the working. She throws grief at my feet while I walk this path simultaneously perfuming the air with love. So h.m.!

Ah, but I’m getting how to deal with her. Let her be complicated while I take in the simplicity in it all. Its basic really – just love her, as is. Do not change life. Do not critic her, but accept the beauty of her, even when we travel through the muddy mess of these layers called living.

Monday, April 7, 2008

spending time writing verse for chapter 31

I started another day with the residual of a long yesterday stuck in the corners of my eyes. Grabbed a quick can of Espresso guzzling it while pushing pants up one-handed over thighs. The hair a tangled mess, applying product on the fly; I rush out to catch the bus. It’s pointless to tell the same old story with such dramatic fuss. Yeah, this GoGo was late for work again in a madden rush.

Now I am staring at the staleness of these cubicle walls, wondering why bureaucratic offices use the blandest colors of them all. I’m trying to hold the peace of mind, I was holding onto last week – that life is a kick ass journey and it’s okay to make mistakes. Though I don’t believe I made any, I do believe in time, the chances that this GoGo takes will push me away from fine.

Someone once told me that every story must be told, we are brilliant novels that will naturally unfold. Now me, I’m just trying not to rush through the pages, skipping chapters because I can, it’s not the best story if I only want to skim ahead. But I want to skip ahead.

I want to read the chapters where the heroin has her epiphanies, and yeah, when she’s certain it is love. Where all answers given feel like blessing from above. Ah but someday I will stop this need to quicken my pace, trying to race beyond all those mistakes before they’ve even begun. Yeah, I’ll be the type a gyrl who won’t give risk a big ass shove, and let all things happen “for the just because…”

And I’m really writing babble in couplets for the fun. Inspired by
Adam Ezra and his Greg Brown song. ‘Cause what else is this GoGo gonna do, but make up her own verses in chapter 31.

91/365 - 93/365: closer to 365

91/365 Jake
Shuffling old man, too brittle to carry your own tray, I walked you to your seats. There to reconcile with son, you died in his arms, while I tried to resuscitate.

92/365 Tamantha
Totally the coolest person I knew in 2nd grade. So in love with Prince, a photo in your desk, you showed me often. Totally loved hand clapping, round robin with 4.

93/365 Naomi
The weird softball year, I was too young to play on the team with my friends, so I joined your team. I remember little, only your sweet smile, encouragement and patience.

i am a participant of x365.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ying and Ferrick

Sigh. Long day at work. Paperwork to do still. My job kicked my butt tonight - like I just want to cry, it was that hard tonight. I haven't written anything worth submitting in a month and a half.

Upside. I got to see Melissa Ferrick play a house concert yesterday. Tell me I'm not a lucky bastard... :).

Go ahead, tell me.

And I'm going to Feist this week!

Heavy sigh. I have such a hard life.


Friday, April 4, 2008

Skim at Asian Hip Hop Summit 5

Tonight in the GoGo Cafe.

I saw her for the first time this summer at Michigan Women's Music Festival. I wish she'd tour here again.

Happy Weekend!


Sketch: stilettos kicking it with cement

Staccato clicks of heals in the parking lot, echoing against the cars. I hear them but see no one. It’s a late night, the drive way too long, the dawn too close at hand. I wonder why I always push the last night’s drive on a road trip into the earliest part of morning. Gone too long, I just want to come home. I’m never so happy to be in my home until I have left it.

There is that striking of heals again. Somewhere someone is walking. I can tell by the beat the shoes are high heels, probably stiletto width. It doesn’t sound like running, but a quick pace. Is this high heel wearer okay? I see no danger around me and my car. I came to the spot to rest, to sleep before I head out again. Seems safe. I still don’t see the owner, though the sound ricochets off the cars around me, towards me. Am I hearing heels? What else sounds like stilettos kicking it with the cement?

And there she is – a late night wonderer, coming across my path, high heel stiletto boots none-the-less. She sees me and her clacking turns into a shuffle – from toe to heal to heal to toe. The staccato pace gone. She passes, eyes weary of this gyrl sitting in her car – writing, and then as soon as she passes my view, her pace quickens and she is off again beating the pavement one pointed stiletto beat at a time.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

unknown territory: a walk through what i want to write

I’ve been distracted since I came back into town. Work piles to dwindle down and socializing to keep up on, I haven't given myself time to write. I returned to new territory and everything I thought I could expect wasn't waiting for me upon my return. I want to write about everything that happened. I want to write about how pretty Delaware looks even before the blossoms have completely burst onto the scene. About the huge fight of over 50 teenagers at this one hotel (in NEW JERSEY) that ended with me getting my room comp’d. About getting lost over and over again in New Jersey and wondering whether or not it really is this vortex of sucky that everyone is talking about. I tried to love you New Jersey, I really did. Your peeps are great! Sarcastic, but I appreciate sarcasm. I have to tell you your sense of direction and road construction aren’t the best.

I want to write about finding my way back to South Street in Philadelphia. The last time I was in Phillie, I was 19 or 20 years old. I was with her and came into town to see Bob Dylan and Patti Smith at the Electric Factory. We went to South Street to shop. I had time after leaving NEW JERSEY before my New York shows to go back and remember. Finding a random stranger to travel through the stores was an extra bonus.

I want to write about taking photos and turning them into postcards. It cost me less then $4 to do so (not counting the digital camera I own and memory card). I want to write about giving one in particular away to someone with my name and number, something I don’t do lightly these days, with the hope that she’d contact me, and then driving through the night afterwards wondering if she would. Hoping is the word.

I want to write about the last show I did where I locked my keys in my car. About how by that point in the evening all I could think about was getting home into my own bed. About hoping on my return I would have a new job waiting for me and then the bittersweet day I had upon my return because I did not get the job, but she did contact me all in the same day. What did I last write? I trust that the universe will give me what I need, perhaps not always what I want. Well, this time around everything is turned around and discombobulated because I didn’t get the job, but…

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

83/365 - 90/365: On the Road Continued

83/365 Janice (and she did).
House manager with the best smile. We awkwardly talk over each other, repeating it’s nice to meet you. We went out for beer complaining about New Jersey. I hope you call.

84/365 Jackie
Hotel Clerk who comp’d my room ‘cause there was a riot in my hotel. Hilariously funny, she actually made fun of my Michigan accent, which apparently sounds snobby. Very funny woman.

85/365 New Jersey
What up people. I’ve traveled all over the U.S., getting lost rarely and then I hit your State. Suddenly I can’t make it 10 minutes without loosing my way. It sucked!

86/365 Jim
Music Hall Employee from West Reading, PA. Waited with me for the tow truck to unlock my car ‘cause I locked my keys in. Your kindness kept me from feeling alone.

87/365 Dude in Reading, PA
Asked for directions, but you didn’t speak English so I asked in Spanish. You laughed, gave me directions in English and then asked me out. I said I didn’t speak hetero.

88/365 Katea
SHIR manager. Her kindness permeates from her like perfume. She always makes sure I have a set list and am fed. She got the group to autograph a program for Max.

89/365 Max
Solicited his Mom to help sell at the show. He took 5 minutes and had the rap down, efficient, and right there working hard. Went above and beyond for a kid.

90/365 Kate (Philadelphia, PA)
Yellow rays of thought, like sunshine, you saw me walking down South Street and decided to see what I was up too. Thanks for playing with me in Phillie. Very fun.

i am a participant of x365.