Tuesday, April 1, 2008

83/365 - 90/365: On the Road Continued

83/365 Janice (and she did).
House manager with the best smile. We awkwardly talk over each other, repeating it’s nice to meet you. We went out for beer complaining about New Jersey. I hope you call.

84/365 Jackie
Hotel Clerk who comp’d my room ‘cause there was a riot in my hotel. Hilariously funny, she actually made fun of my Michigan accent, which apparently sounds snobby. Very funny woman.

85/365 New Jersey
What up people. I’ve traveled all over the U.S., getting lost rarely and then I hit your State. Suddenly I can’t make it 10 minutes without loosing my way. It sucked!

86/365 Jim
Music Hall Employee from West Reading, PA. Waited with me for the tow truck to unlock my car ‘cause I locked my keys in. Your kindness kept me from feeling alone.

87/365 Dude in Reading, PA
Asked for directions, but you didn’t speak English so I asked in Spanish. You laughed, gave me directions in English and then asked me out. I said I didn’t speak hetero.

88/365 Katea
SHIR manager. Her kindness permeates from her like perfume. She always makes sure I have a set list and am fed. She got the group to autograph a program for Max.

89/365 Max
Solicited his Mom to help sell at the show. He took 5 minutes and had the rap down, efficient, and right there working hard. Went above and beyond for a kid.

90/365 Kate (Philadelphia, PA)
Yellow rays of thought, like sunshine, you saw me walking down South Street and decided to see what I was up too. Thanks for playing with me in Phillie. Very fun.

i am a participant of x365.

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