Thursday, April 10, 2008

94/365 - 97/365: Two Coles, a Jonas, and a Greg

94/365 Cole
Came with us for beers. Funny. He sifted out information through casual conversation, we surfed age, career, and stability between the lines. Yeah, kudos to me that I past the cut.

95/365 Cole
Dig this merch. Met her at festival, never thinking she’d take over the music company gig after I was gone. Now, we dish about the scene and which shows to see.

96/365 Jonas
Another philosophical lover living life. Story –“I can’t give you back the sign.” Listened to your jazz segment on Mondays, you’d play Nina Simon for me. We still need to play chess, buddy.

97/365 Greg
He has a love affair with music really. Finding new bands worth the listen, I check in just to see what he’s found. Nicest guy too, good taste. Can’t sing though. :)

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