Monday, April 14, 2008

98/365 - 100/365: Echologia of memories

98/365 Mr. Fred
Elementary School Maintenance guy, you would make me smile. Kindness permeated everything you did. I respected who you were in our community. Taught me a good soul must be strived for.

99/365 Charles (5th Grade Teacher)
You’d yell “Hooooooo” to call us in from recess. My one quirk, you constantly compared me to your son because we were both tall. Predicted I’d marry Ray T. Didn’t happen.

100/365 Bike Man (every neighborhood should have one)
Had his own bike shop in his garage in my hometown neighborhood, layers of old bike parts. We’d take our bikes there to get fixed. Every Saturday he’d have bike sales.

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Jane said...

I love those old time bike shops!