Wednesday, April 9, 2008

from the sketch book: life

Ah, another day. I made it to work on time. Go me.

Below is a sketch, inspired by Melissa Ferrick's new song John's Field:

Life layered, she’s the most complicated thing I know. Life. A perpetual cycle of happiness, sadness, joy and pain. Life, she brings suffering and balance. Life, she brings love and loss. Life, she knows how to keep it interesting at the very moment the interest might get lost.

I could say that life is high maintenance. ‘Cause she is you know. She asks me to spend my time working to live and she asks me to live between the working. She throws grief at my feet while I walk this path simultaneously perfuming the air with love. So h.m.!

Ah, but I’m getting how to deal with her. Let her be complicated while I take in the simplicity in it all. Its basic really – just love her, as is. Do not change life. Do not critic her, but accept the beauty of her, even when we travel through the muddy mess of these layers called living.

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