Wednesday, April 23, 2008

special report

we are currently experiencing life. when life happens, we ask that you please exit boring dry work buildings in a calm and orderly fashion directly to your closest playground outside. you do not need to be a child to do this. once at the park, we ask that you run around, fall down, and scream at the top of your lungs. if you cannot do this, we ask that you step aside for those of us who can.

this has been a public service announcement. please stay tuned...

oh, check this out too.



Jane said...

Hey go go! This is crazy...I just posted a photo of a very similar spray painted building. Great minds must be thinking alike this week!

I hope all is well at your end.


beth coyote said...

out here in the ol' NW, spring has exploded, tulips, daffs, lilacs---stuck inside with a way injured g'friend BUT there is a yard of compost calling my name in the driveway (and, whew, it stinks!)