Monday, April 7, 2008

spending time writing verse for chapter 31

I started another day with the residual of a long yesterday stuck in the corners of my eyes. Grabbed a quick can of Espresso guzzling it while pushing pants up one-handed over thighs. The hair a tangled mess, applying product on the fly; I rush out to catch the bus. It’s pointless to tell the same old story with such dramatic fuss. Yeah, this GoGo was late for work again in a madden rush.

Now I am staring at the staleness of these cubicle walls, wondering why bureaucratic offices use the blandest colors of them all. I’m trying to hold the peace of mind, I was holding onto last week – that life is a kick ass journey and it’s okay to make mistakes. Though I don’t believe I made any, I do believe in time, the chances that this GoGo takes will push me away from fine.

Someone once told me that every story must be told, we are brilliant novels that will naturally unfold. Now me, I’m just trying not to rush through the pages, skipping chapters because I can, it’s not the best story if I only want to skim ahead. But I want to skip ahead.

I want to read the chapters where the heroin has her epiphanies, and yeah, when she’s certain it is love. Where all answers given feel like blessing from above. Ah but someday I will stop this need to quicken my pace, trying to race beyond all those mistakes before they’ve even begun. Yeah, I’ll be the type a gyrl who won’t give risk a big ass shove, and let all things happen “for the just because…”

And I’m really writing babble in couplets for the fun. Inspired by
Adam Ezra and his Greg Brown song. ‘Cause what else is this GoGo gonna do, but make up her own verses in chapter 31.

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