Thursday, April 3, 2008

unknown territory: a walk through what i want to write

I’ve been distracted since I came back into town. Work piles to dwindle down and socializing to keep up on, I haven't given myself time to write. I returned to new territory and everything I thought I could expect wasn't waiting for me upon my return. I want to write about everything that happened. I want to write about how pretty Delaware looks even before the blossoms have completely burst onto the scene. About the huge fight of over 50 teenagers at this one hotel (in NEW JERSEY) that ended with me getting my room comp’d. About getting lost over and over again in New Jersey and wondering whether or not it really is this vortex of sucky that everyone is talking about. I tried to love you New Jersey, I really did. Your peeps are great! Sarcastic, but I appreciate sarcasm. I have to tell you your sense of direction and road construction aren’t the best.

I want to write about finding my way back to South Street in Philadelphia. The last time I was in Phillie, I was 19 or 20 years old. I was with her and came into town to see Bob Dylan and Patti Smith at the Electric Factory. We went to South Street to shop. I had time after leaving NEW JERSEY before my New York shows to go back and remember. Finding a random stranger to travel through the stores was an extra bonus.

I want to write about taking photos and turning them into postcards. It cost me less then $4 to do so (not counting the digital camera I own and memory card). I want to write about giving one in particular away to someone with my name and number, something I don’t do lightly these days, with the hope that she’d contact me, and then driving through the night afterwards wondering if she would. Hoping is the word.

I want to write about the last show I did where I locked my keys in my car. About how by that point in the evening all I could think about was getting home into my own bed. About hoping on my return I would have a new job waiting for me and then the bittersweet day I had upon my return because I did not get the job, but she did contact me all in the same day. What did I last write? I trust that the universe will give me what I need, perhaps not always what I want. Well, this time around everything is turned around and discombobulated because I didn’t get the job, but…

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