Sunday, April 6, 2008

Ying and Ferrick

Sigh. Long day at work. Paperwork to do still. My job kicked my butt tonight - like I just want to cry, it was that hard tonight. I haven't written anything worth submitting in a month and a half.

Upside. I got to see Melissa Ferrick play a house concert yesterday. Tell me I'm not a lucky bastard... :).

Go ahead, tell me.

And I'm going to Feist this week!

Heavy sigh. I have such a hard life.


1 comment:

Jane said...


You are a lucky bastard!

Let me first apologize for not getting to talk to you while you were in town here. To say that life is crazy lately would be a complete understatement! Still trying to figure out how to remove my head from my ass :))

E-mail me. Yahoo automatically deletes mail and I can't find yours. I wanted to respond to your comment over at my blog. Lots to share.

Happy Monday!