Monday, May 12, 2008

105/365 - 111/265: look she's doing that thing again

105/365 Sassy Chocolate
Motorcycle Momma. We sweated through the social work program together, into too many late nights. Its ‘cause of her randomly cops will blare their sirens, so she can get my attention.

106/365 Sally
Prof with tudinal flare. She taught me the basics in social work theory, plus some side trips into how we treat our aging in America. One of my faves. Merci, professeur

107/365 Meiko
Another fave entrepreneur I know on the block. She’s the only raw foods restaurant around. Discovered Rumi on her bookshelves. I believe Emma Goldman would have felt home in her space.

108/365 Todd m
Last time I saw him he was grilling for the Worker’s March, watching the young coordinators run around directionless and discombobulated. He gave patience and support, and wisdom with good timing.

109/365 Angela
Another social work program friend, we’d joke about everything inappropriate, me the outspoken rebel and she the milf. She came to the gay bars with us and her daughters painted this.

110/365 Jenn
This year I am coming to K>>>>>Fest! She happens to speak the same language with the universe as I am at any given time. One of the funniest gyrls I know.

111/365 Scott
Owns the bookstore on the block. Kind smile and nice space. I use to go to the Quaker worship in the backroom of his store. Anti-war, like most store owners here.

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