Monday, May 12, 2008

i have no idea why i took this pic

Delinquent and absent. Yep, that’s me these days. Life is doing what it does best and keeps moving forward.

The downs of my life right now:
my car that is broke
paying for said broke car
still no second part-time job
my fatigue is back in full force
the Iraq War still commences while we get money back from the government

My Ups of my life right now:
I ride my bike everywhere!
The tax return that paid for said broke car
Primary part time job has given me 40 hours worth of work for the next month
My fatigue might have something to do with late nights conversations on the phone
I'm almost done with this blanket I have been knitting for 5 years!

That’s life right there. A blend of complicated experiences, I remember when I couldn’t feel the good stuff mixed in with the rough stuff. Not anymore. Somewhere I got the idea that if my life expectancy was half of what it could be; maybe I should embrace the ride. It’s just easier.

I seem to be an ever busy gyrl. By day I’m working on this homeless shelter project assisting mentally distressed individuals obtain and maintain housing, plus the clinical stuff I do at the crisis unit. By night, I seem to have something to do whether its coffee with friends, reading at open mics, or volunteering at this community center that embraces social change through activism. In fact, I finally booked a band to play a house party fundraiser the center will be having at the end of the month.

Then this weekend I finally had this yard sale I’d been blabbing about forever. Purged so much crap I feel lighter just by the experience. I learned through the process that I carry sentiment in everything! Pack of matches, a damn stuffed duck…none of it goes without the weighted nostalgia of experience. This makes it hard to sever the relationship between this self and the crap. I did though! Yep. Very proud. Made $80 bucks too. Cash vs. dusty stuffed animal? Holla cold hard cash, bye duck!

Um, what else. In a few moments I plan to go grocery shopping. I’m out of sweet potatoes, my new staple in my diet apparently. Ya’ll I don’t know what it is about me, but it’s like I have a favorite vegetable of the month that I can’t get enough of. This month it’s sweet potatoes. Last month it was zucchini. I know…weird sh!t.

That’s about it for me. I’m going to try and post the x365 each day this week until I catch up.


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LSL said...

I'm inspired by your embracing of the balance. And that pic is cute as hell. :)