Wednesday, May 21, 2008

if i just didn't committ to x365, we wouldn't have a prob here

Oh, I am so not doing well with the x365 am I? Its my one big commitment for this page and here I am falling right off the map. I’ve card out time next week. Actually wrote it in my planner to get on top of it again. Until then I seem to be ever-so-busy still trying to live in the real world of life.

I have a guest coming into town this weekend. This meant spending time cleaning the home which turned into a home improvement project nightmare complete with box springs taking up my walk way in the sun room as I write this. I keep getting one thing done only to then need to do two more things. Whatevs.

The good news of the week is I have my car back. This allows me to go to Detroit tomorrow and pick up said guest, take her to this great Lake this State happens to have and take her back to Detroit when the weekends done. Woot! Am thanking the universe. Thank you. With said car back I might just have more energy to put into writing.

Then there is the job, which always seems to be in flux. I have one half of a settled job and another half that looks like a constant adjustment to schedules and tasks. Yeah, I know vague. It’s the price of being a Jedi…I mean social worker in a confidential settings. I just can’t tell you what I am doing in any kind of detail. Again, whatevs. All I know is, I had to pat myself on the back to be able to thrive in such a flexi state of living. Still I wish I had more certainty in this area. What I am certain is, I have work. I am not about to be laid off and no plans for it in the near future. Woot! That’s more then I can say for most folks in this State. I am lucky in a time of economic uncertainty.

Heck, I picked up another farming gig in July already to make sure I have cash coming in (just in case). I’m not a farmer; I just play a farmer’s hand apparently when I need the money. I always wanted to put farmer’s hand on my list of things I’ve done, so I guess I can check that off. I think I am going to put millionaire on said list…maybe just maybe I might find myself scoring a notch for that one too.

Yep, someday I may post again. My goal really is simply to get a handle on the X365 so I can say I have followed thru.

Till next time,


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