Sunday, June 22, 2008

112/365 - 118/365: getting back on the horse

112/365 Dan
The Man, II. A quiet fellow, behind me typing away. Hockey player and guitar hero, he’s the weekend counterpart for the job. We always bust out when he finally speaks up.

113/365 Dr. Shaun
Who won’t let me forget he’s a doctor. Renegade psychologist, he strides in with his tongue loaded for chats. I can count on worthy advice and empathy for the wayward soul.

114/365 Monica
Fave nurse. We share our lives in 15 minute increments. There are few souls I know I have encountered in a past life that gives us such intimacy in this one.

115/365 Dan, The Man, I.
Blurry remembrance, stuck to the arteries, a clogged mess of time. They toasted his side gig in college; the one that leathered his face, robbed him of his hair and mind.

116/365 Gustavo
Vecino. A quiet sort, the last of the original crew that resided in my apartment complex, except for me. Always close to finishing that dissertation, he decided to move somewhere else.

117/365 M
Another neighbor friend, she makes me laugh. Reminds me to pace myself to my own experiences rather then social expectations, as she reminds herself. I am glad she moved next door.

118/365 C
A few doors down, she’s the fem in my life who appreciates a good bike ride to Golden Harvest and conversations over wine. I am totes sad that she moving away.

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