Saturday, June 14, 2008

meet sam

This is my cat, Sam. Isn't she a cutie. I don't know when it happened, but I became one of them. You know, a cat person. Complete with photos and quirky little stories about how my cat likes to stalk me around the periphery of my apartment when I first come home and then pounce on my pant legs at the Kitchen door. I call this our Calvin and Hobbes time.

And check out her man paws, particularly the rear one there. No, she does not have six toes, trust me I keep counting. She is simply a big pawed kind of gyrl. Yeah, she's my kinda cat.

sick. I know.


BendingPeak said...

AHhhhh I LOVE her. I am so excited for you. Welcome to the club.

twitches said...

You know what that means - she's gonna be a big cat! Welcome to the club. I got a new puppy not too long ago and have more pictures of her than I care to admit. Also, video!

LSL said...

She's really, really cute! I'm a secret cat person, too.

Dangerman said...

I like cats. I had a mosly white cat with a gray spot on his head when I was younger. his name was Blanco. He was my best freind. I occasionally will still have dreams about him. He was a tomcat. I think someone poisoned him.

Best of luck with your cat.