Thursday, October 16, 2008

curses like a sailor

The knee is healing. A dime size scab lingers at the zenith of the knee cap tethered to the skin by the few dissolvable stitches that refuse to dissolve. I am glad to be at this point in the healing process rather then the beginning where it hurt and crutched my gait to a haggard’s limp. My whole knee was covered in drying scabs, swollen, red, and searing with pain. (TMI?) With the exception of the remaining scabbed area where if touched will curse with a sailor’s tongue, I am left with a soar ache in the knee. I predict this ache will be with me when the weather gets cold or it rains for the rest of my days. I plan to complain to my grandkids every time the ole wound flares up. :)

I went to NYC this last week and the knee did just fine for being all broken and wounded. Unfathomable number of stairs climbed and descended, subway connections to get to, and parts of the city to explore, I was glad my lady friend was there to ice the knee at the end of the night. She was the reason for me to go to New York City. Well, okay she was the excuse for me to go to the city. Chuckle. I plan to post some pics from the experience and a few lines. No, seriously, I will.

For now, I am still catching up on my life back in town. I am notoriously a work-a-holic, which means I came back to a pile bigger then a heap of elephant’s excrements. There is the Groundbreaking for the new Meeting House for this Quaker group I hang with next week. I need to finalize a program for the event. Then there are a few follow-up calls and research projects I took on for a Social Activist Space I am a member of. Oh, and work. Must actually get paid to do something.

I will post soon though. I will… :)


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