Saturday, October 4, 2008

left leg up, right leg down

Guess who got into another bike accident? Yes. Yes. It was your one and only bike accident magnet, GoGo, complete with stitches for the puncture hole on the knee cap. What can I say? My stats are accident number SEVEN, SECOND puncture hole (3 inches above the previous one) and the SIXTH accident where my bike has come away unscathed. Really don’t know how this happens to me.

I’ve gotten use to the hobble of leg and knee murmuring the mantra “left leg up, right leg down” while getting on and off the bus because if I screw it up, I hurt. I hurt with the kind of pain that stings the eye when it flushes over the body.

I’ve been waiting to post, hoping my funny bone will….well find a way to make this sh!t funny, like when I accidentally rubbed
Icey Hot on my woo. Alas, the only chuckle I’ve found in all of this is from friends who break out in laughter as they tell me I should get a Tricycle.

Or training wheels.
Or this coworker/friend of mine who thought it would be funny to have me sign my own special “No Harm Contract” where I would agree to no longer ride a bike.

Actually, that was pretty hilarious.

For 2.5 seconds I actually thought of signing it though. Seriously. I mean, the number of bike accidents keeps increasing and I have to say so are the severity of the wounds. Ain’t that a helluvah foreshadow to stop all pedaling activities that will lead to my death or what?

In the end, I did not sign that contract. Nope. Even though I hurt all the time, my palms are burning sore with crusty scabs, and my right knee cap screams “WTF did you do to me, woman?” every time I bend it, I am not going to stop riding a bike.


Cause I am an idiot. Yeah, no. I am not going to even try and rationalize the decision to keep riding.

I am aware that I am an idiot.




Jim C. Hines said...

Youch. Stitches and puncture wounds? How badly are you limping?

For Christmas: knee pads!

I hope you heal soon.

GoGo said...

Ever see Best in Show where the Terrier owner hurts her knee and has a rediculous wobble? That's me.


twitches said...

Last night I rubbed Ben-Gay in my eyes. And I hurt my back coughing. Yes, COUGHING. And I am on muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatories because of this. Well, mostly because after hurting myself I tried to lift weights. But still.

Anonymous said...

That sucks! Would love to ice it up for you.


GoGo said...

Thanks, T. My g iced it up for me real good. You should meet her.