Wednesday, December 24, 2008

6pm Stranded Deviation Time (SDT)

I initially gave myself the online name of GoGo Roku because I liked the sound of it. I thought it was a benign translation of numbers in Japanese. Go = 5, GoGo then meant 5 - 5, and Roku meaning 6. I was googling on the over night shift tonight and just realized GoGo Roku might actually mean, 6pm. GoGo means afternoon or p.m. in Japanese.

Hmm. I want to change this site from GoGo's Stranded Deviation to GoGoRoku's, just so I can say its 6pm's Stranded Deviation. I like the sound of that.

Of course, technically, 6pm in Japanese would be gogo roku-ji.

I also realized I apparently never really learned how to tell time in Japanese.

:) ~gg

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LSL said...

I should have noticed that, too, but I always thought it was 556 :)
Merry Christmas to you!