Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stomach Virus of 2008: The flipside of embarassing

The mounts of snow piled high against the curbs of this city have melted into dirty lumps of gravel and grit. The winter wonderland from the snow storm last week turned into an impenetrable fog only to be lapped up by the winds today. The air has a sweet scent of wet earth and the earth worms have come out of the ground to avoid their drowning.

The day still too short has already succumbed to darkness. I’m working ridiculous this week and find my days are ending before they even begin as there is no time between shifts to do anything except sleep. To be fair, I had the stomach virus last week between coming back from another trip to New York City into a long work week and I’m still recuperating. My energy low is slowly beginning to rise again.

Yeah, about the stomach flu. Um, I am now officially one of those people who will be remembered for making a flight rather uncomfortable. I’m pretty sure of it. The virus began to take hold of me during the decent of the plane to the Cincinnati Air Port. I was returning home after a week in NYC with the g/f and had a stop in Ohio before taking the flight to Michigan. I was buckled in, turbulence was high, and I had to use one of those puke bags to vomit up my guts. A horrifying experience for me, all I could do was listen to the grape vine growing down the aisle. “Someone’s puking.” “Oh g-d, who?” “Couldn’t she have waited till we landed, how rude.” A horrifying experience for everyone else too, I suppose. I even made another woman puke.

During the flight, as my head began to spin, my stomach ache, I spent my time listening to this wanna be actress behind me provide her autobiography to the man next to her. Apparently he had something to do with the film industry and since serendipity sat her next to him, she used the open invite to NOT STOP talking about her self. Everything from her mouth was I statements, “I did”, “I saw”, “I am” until I began puking in which her commentary turned to “I knew a guy once who got sick…”

I wanted to puke on her.

The stewardess was pleasant, though annoyed. After the onset of vomit, she gave me more puke bags, better versions of the ones in the chair pocket. She did have to take one from my new stash to give to the other lady I made puke. It made the women sitting next to me chuckle. I have to say, the woman who was forced to sit next to me was kind. I spent my time facing the window, too embarrassed to turn around, but when I did I was greeted with the kindest smile from her. She didn’t have to have such a warm smile, I mean she was sitting next to me and let’s face it, puke is disgusting, but she did. She smiled and told me it was going to be all right. “These things happen.” Thank you lady sitting next to me.

My connection flight was canceled and I managed to get the airline to give me a free hotel. Thank goodness. I spent the remainder of my day into the next throwing up, and well…you don’t want to know. All I could do was lie in the bed and feel absolutely grateful that I had a bed so far away from my home to rest in. My love also got sick. I spent my brief moments of consciousness texting her, she me. Checking in, we worried about the other. I had wished we could have been sick together.

Ah, but a week later, I am very glad that time has cushioned the experience. It seems so long ago and I am glad for it. Everyone at work has been getting the stomach flu too. We all share our experiences of how awful it was to be sick. We compare the disgust coming out orifices and who we infected. Apparently this virus has a humbling affect on most of my coworkers as incontinence of stomach contents seems to be the surprising theme. I am not the only one who suddenly found her self tossing her nutrients with no warning. I can’t change the fact that I vomited high in the sky with about 30 other people crammed into a small space. Though I can only imagine how others will carry the experience of “that gyrl who puked” I have to admit, I do appreciate the fact that mine is one of the more interesting retelling of the stomach virus of ’08.


Jim C. Hines said...

Getting sick is never fun, but being sick at 20,000 feet? I'm so sorry. Glad you're feeling a little better now.

Anonymous said...

Um, that sucks. E just got over the stomach virus. I am immune. HaHaHa