Monday, April 13, 2009

giddy up.

It’s 5am. I am exhausted by an intense week of working overnight shifts only to wrap them up with an overnight, 8 hours off and then 16 hours through to morning. Morning hasn’t come yet. My skin feels like its dripping with fryer oil, my heads a little woozy, and my stomach is so bloated from the holiday food I ate about 5 hours ago that I want to run home today just to feel better. I’m not, that’s a stupid idea. The moment shift change happens, I am catching the first coworker ride out of here, heading directly to my shower and then to bed.

I was hoping that on each overnight shift I would write something decent to post here, but by this point I just feel über nasty. I can’t stop yawning either – jaw cracking yawns too. Tomorrow, um I mean later today I sleep. I sleep until I can’t sleep anymore. I sleep until my eyeballs – which currently are blinking out sleep buggers at an exuberant rate, red, scratchy, and tearful – decide on their own volition that they cannot possibly stay closed any longer. Okay, to be honest, I sleep until my bladder says its time to pee which is always about an hour and half after I fall asleep following an over night shift. I have no idea why this happens; I can pee before I go to sleep, but something about working through the night and then sleeping during the day makes my body rebel via bladder. I have never slept 8hours straight. It’s always been sleep one hour and a half, pee, and then back to sleep.

Anyway, I digress. What was I saying? Tired, body feels greasy and grouse, sleepy tired body…why do I have to pee. Oh yeah, that’s right. I have 3 hours remaining on this shift and I am hoping time will grace me with a little giddy up here. I want to go home.

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daringtowrite said...

I want to say "hope you are feeling more rested now", but I imagine that you are somewhere into another work cycle by now and may already be worn out again.