Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sketchbook: flipping the ugly

This Time
Recalibrate chi!
Tolerant arms fade to weak
I need to be held.

Seasons Mocked
(the same old grasshopper's story)
Promised blossoms grow
Sweet scent suckles the lovers –
The New tomorrow

Love ripens, fruit grows –
epicurean sunshine
Lovers turn the page

Layers shed away
Bleeding roots exposed
Moirai’d tolerance

Augured graupel –
a base falsetto blights &
Mocks the distant sun.

Turn your eyes away
There is nothing to see here
Gyrl, you're not special.

Arbitrators deem
gleemed this page unlikeable
Gyrl, you're not special.

The gyrl not special
Heard this rhetoric before –
Epitaphs written.

Crossed Ts Dotted Is
Writing the script to goodbye
Gyrl, you’re not special.

My advice
When ugly presents
Wants to rub its funk on you
Spit & flip it off.

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