Saturday, August 22, 2009

Pop Machine: Lost the Original in Free Thought

The pop machine is buried in the basement at my job. Needing an alternative to hot coffee, I decide its time for some cool and refreshing caffeine to burn the throat just the way I like it and head down. There are two pop machines actually, three if you want to count the water machine poorly lit in the corner like a mocking joke. I do not count it. The spider web collecting dust hugging the side of the water machine and the wall encroaching on the coin slot leads me to believe others do not count it as well. Something else to note about the pop machine, I mean machines, is that they often hold onto the money without dispensing the soda-crack of choice. At any given point, usually on the weekends when I work, a plethora of sticky notes with scribbles of people’s names, work locations and amount are tacked to the machines. I personally like to read them to see who fed the machine more then once for their crack. The record amount was $5 (pop cost $1.25) in 2007 and hasn’t been breeched since, at least not on my watch. I don’t think the person was an idiot for trying four times to get their fix, though logic would suggest this. Sometimes the machines start to work again and it’s been known they will pay out like a slot machine, showering the lucky recipient with bottles and bottles of pop. But this is a rare occurrence. Most times you might just get two pops for the price of one or add your name to the list of folks who were going for the jack pot.  Thank goodness someone at some point filed a grievance about these perfunctory machines of error with the union and HR has to reimburse us. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have something to read while I get my soda. Of course, I always wonder why HR didn't just replace these machines instead of paying someone to spend work hours to fill envelops with a one dollar bill and a quarter and walk to each office reimbursing us.


human being said...

loved the humor... the only thing i remember about these machines is their errors...

kj said...

ah, you are a writer, gogo. thank you for visiting my blog. i will be back. and i see one of my favorite bloggers in all the world is here.