Saturday, October 24, 2009

sketchbook: Capitalism's Got the Grunge

October Waltz

Breezy sway against the wind, howling laughter in my ear, autumn dances with me. My throat hugs the scarf as I breathe deep this crisp rainy evening. I saunter in the October Moon, letting fresh thoughts skip and play in my head.

The President Announced another Emergency

Day after day, the hum of reconstruction slips off the tongue of politicians, postulating prosperity if we just cut more fat from the budget first. They become as desperate as the food lines getting longer while impotent homes grow in rows. A man walked onto the bus today, spitting curses from the mouth, he yells out “Who on this bus is on unemployment?” Hand after hand raise greeted with a hoop and holler of frustration’s pride, he answers back, “I thought so.”

I am employed. I have insurance. I have a home.

I pretend I am inoculated from this infection breaking down the leukocytes of capitalism. The American Dream’s gotten the grunge as it hacks up and coughs the sh!t all over us. Econogreen, the promised vaccination, hasn’t gotten to the masses yet.


I am not infallible like my cavalier veneer suggests. Like a bruised fruit, I sometimes blush at a harsh tongue smacking against the cheek with judgment. Criticism of my lines robust in shape crushes against my ego and makes this runner run. Arbitrarily applied rules projected against my skin burns worse then a sunburst against this milky hide. The inflictor may not know this, quick is this shell to gleam with stoic regime, I scurry under my shield of impenetrability. A skill? An attribute?

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the walking man said...

A skill it is and a much needed attribute, What they fail to see in the present is a violent future they have foisted in those of us without the bucket to bail out the oncoming rush.

They sit and think because all is right in their world that all is right in the world. Fools be they and fools are oft to late to see.