Wednesday, November 18, 2009

fine tuning

CB Handler 
A stampede of chatter,
Cluttered white noise, we ricochet
Off each others journeys, guideposts
If we can fine tune listening, feeling
And understanding.
Closed off, closed root
and bitter has never sat well with me.
I’m trying to learn openness and
Self care simultaneously.

We all have tricks of this trade
called living.
Negotiating the map and person.
Cowboys, rock stars and chess players,
we wear our robes to protect us against
the elements rolling in with the weather.
Suppose mine is teacher in exchange for lesson.
There never was a player in me.

You teach me & I’ll be the lesson.
I teach you & you’ll be the lesson.

Listening, feeling, and understanding,
I tune my antennas, I won’t stop
till all that white noise fades into the picture
and I can see my road clearly. My trick,
my trade, my map and person knows
there never was a player in me.

Changing the Rules
While I fined tuned the defense
I didn't mean to offend.
Asking we simply not pretend
that reality doesn't exist.
Sure, we could go about
it for hours, the subjectivity,
maybe, if there wasn't this strategic plan,
contra-indicated all over your board,
I'd believe you when you pretended not
to understand what I am asking for.

1 comment:

the walking man said...

It at times does get tedious always being the teacher and the taught. this wiggling and jiggling to get the fit just so. It is worth the effort but then as you so aptly say...the rules change. *sigh* that is the nature of humanity.

"Asking we simply not pretend
that reality doesn't exist." My favorite line. spot on!