Sunday, November 29, 2009

Sunday Scribbles: Games

III. God Save the Queen
The queen can move in all different directions and her role is to protect the one step man? He is powerless to the role he plays in the weaving fabric of a scheme, but not our queen. She can slip through checkered knots, backwards and forwards, diagonal across the board. She can even be lost but the game still won! That to me is impressive. A pawn will yield itself to promotion for the queen, but not the king. Ah, how beautiful is she, so excuse me if I adore and hope that G-d saves the Queen. 11/29/09 Sunday Scribblings Prompt

Older pieces about Chess, I cannot help but post for review.
II. Sketchbook: Sundry Steps on a Marrow’d Path

I fumble with rooks in my palm. Flipping each between my fingers like a panhandler with a quarter,I slip my tips into their bare underbelly one at a time. Becoming their marrow, I tap my thimbles against the desk. The queen remembers her fear of exposure while sifting through the first spring of hope. Everything we did was done again down to the words said. I ask myself if there is solace in knowing it was all just a Xeroxed copy of us. Illuminescent eyes while sucking the honey dripping. Sigh. Plucking each rook off the fingers one at a time, sucking in my breath, I command them each to take two steps forward. I call out my horsemen next to ride this night sky and bring me back the king. 8/21/09
I. Sketch: off beat while exposing the queen
Self-confidence tempered by doubt, my mind inflamed with wanting to check my balances. I find myself wanting to control again as though somehow I can circumvent the risk of vulnerability by playing life like a chess game. I want to see all possible moves, all possible defenses so as not to cause offense to this fragile sense of exposure. Who am I kidding, if there is one lesson unlearned that could just be learned already, it would be that you…I mean I must let go of the idea of control…at least the type of control I am looking for. And though doubt nestles the thoughts, a faint off beat in this cadence of assurance, I honestly think I wouldn’t, possibly couldn’t, change what I am feeling, wanting, and hoping for...


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