Sunday, November 1, 2009

Unfimiliarity under familiar terms

Stretched body prostrate on my bed, my scent curls against my cheek nestling pillow. The room is new though I still sleep head West, toes East. Creaking floorboards, the night watchman of space, crack the unconscious with a new metronome. My neighbors, no longer separated into compartments, are now my roommates and suddenly I am ultra conscious that my space has dwindled under this late night ticking toward the sunrise. What is mine fits into two rooms or lies dormant in a cardboard portmanteau with my name marked on the sides, collecting dust in their sarcophagus until the day they are resurrected. My first night and I cannot sleep, so I burry my noise harder into the scent of me.


Abbas Razzaghpanah said...

Do you live alone? I can't imagine it.

GoGo said...

I'm actually living with people now. Lived alone for 4 years before this move. I enjoyed my own space. I recommend, at least for a little time.

Its feeling dislocated and having to adjust to living with people again. Writing helps the soul to digest these things. :)