Sunday, December 6, 2009

randomized cohorts: we begin at the end.

~Sometimes it feels like society is just another groupie for the gonzo experience. Remember Hunter S. Thompson's side kick raped a woman and he sat in the sidelines writing about it.

~Never appreciate/trust the poet who only writes about love. Two dimentional and ego bare.  For g-d sakes, even Aphrodite had a hobby.

~I love this holiday, the music, the lights! And when there's snow its like living in Rockefeller's snow globe.

~Can we move on to climbing mountains now?

~The snow teaches me to let it fall. Eventually it melts and spring arrives.


Abbas Razzaghpanah said...

Kinda' agreed on the poets part, but I doubt that lovers actually have a habit (besides loving).
About the mountain climbing thing, I am a climbing and hiking enthusiast. I suggest you do it alone, especially at night. This way you'll risk your life but the piece and serenity when you reach the peak/summit, is just about worth it. ;)

GoGo said...

I like that idea. No mountains where I currently live, but I want to climb in 2010.

This was a cranky post because so many gyrls say they 'are love' and have no clue what that means besides getting laid, they have such talent and limit themselves to the same old gender roles w/o even realizing it.