Thursday, December 10, 2009


I love the free fall.
Jumping into infinity and letting the air fold around me.

I love the experience of those who too love the free fall.

Excuse me, if I find a fool in the woman who negates a parachute is involved.

That gravity has her way, whether she admits it or not.

That height and speed says something for the jump.

And my guilty pleasure, is watching the arrogant jump as though their own wings will carry them and watch them go SPLAT!

But not on my flight. I'll pass to the next round, my dear.

You simply are too much paperwork.

There is not enough room for you, your ego, and this self.


GoGo said...

FYI. all things are written to me from me. I like playing w/ my ego to shape a new form.


wenda said...

Sounds good to me.