Friday, January 22, 2010

Hopscotch for Jesus

(Fiction, Prose, Idea!)
G-d went and changed his gender to suit better understanding and I call zer the Universe these days.

When Christians pray for my soul in the up coming rapture, I hold their hands and pray. I ask for their forgiveness since they are sinners. You see, I am convinced G-d/Universe put me here to provide forgiveness to all those sheparded souls who never stopped to think where the devil is residing these days. He's at the pulpit asking the masses to segregate once again a people for their differences, and then I tell them, they will never have a Christian State 100% gauranteed until everyone can marry who they love.

I know its crazy. Arrogant really. But its true. Those poor bastards really are screwing the fabric of their existence. 

Once a fellow coworker - white, male, republican - asked me if I would stand in front of G-d and tell him he was wrong regarding homosexuality? My response, "I believe G-d will thank me for standing up to the devil spreading lies at the pulpit. I think you're wrong."  Horrified he was, but he asked me, "And if I'm right, would you ask for forgiveness?"  My answer, "No. Then G-d would be wrong, so really its an impossible scenario."  He put me on his church prayer list. I told him it would be a great reminder to see my name and remember G-d tried to teach him the way, if only he'd listen. My coworker got a new job.

Yeah, I am pretty sure I am a redneck homo playing hopscotch for Jesus.


M.D. said...

Would this be a short story? Write it!

the walking man said...

"Once a fellow coworker - white, male, republican - asked me if I would stand in front of G-d and tell him he was wrong regarding homosexuality?"

My response would have been "sure dude I will stand in front of God and tell him you were wrong for your stance on homosexuality. Be happy to try to talk him out of kicking your ass for being ignorant of love."

I doubt though that the dogmatic herd led by men who seek their own profit by pandering to lowest common denominator of their flocks fears, would ever be able to really understand that it is not who you love, but how you strongly yoou love, that matters.

Be Well GoGo

GoGo said...

Thanks M.D. The incident is true. My words real...but the anger I feel needs to story to go into. I do want to write a short story. Allowing the voice to rise, this persona came out...and I am excited to explore more.


wenda said...

Looking forward to the rest of the story...

GoGo said...

Thanks, Wenda. Its my project this year, I think.