Friday, January 15, 2010

quick note

Rushing through the day, preparing for a retreat. I am excited to begin this year by debriefing last years actions and forming new decisions for the new one, even if it is for the activist space I have helped build. I remind myself, though late in this new year, I need to do this in my own life, separate from the public spheres.  

2010 greeted me while in the arms of my love. Grateful am I to the universe for the experience. ;)

Then I came home to a message that a friend from high school killed himself. He left an fb suicide note to add to the grief. Grateful am I to the universe that where he left off a sea of forgotten hope renewed in faces coming together to grieve. I am still processing this in my self. Still trying to wade through the sea of feelings. 

Done with the lingering eye on this page from women who do not have good intentions for me. If I am invisible for your own needs, I hope the universe provides invisibility in return. Do not come back here anymore.

1 comment:

wenda said...

Oh Amanda,

I'm so sorry for your loss.

Now, I will go catch up with what else has been happening here for you.