Thursday, April 1, 2010

Day blushes warm under the bright sun.

The only thing raining today is me.
Short spurts of down pours,
cascading across my landscape like Noah's flood
and then suddenly as soon as the storm
cracks a thunderous beginning, it ends.
Residuals stain the cheeks like dry river beds.
I could follow the water to its origin,
up the stream through the airy sky at
the base of the iceberg where it all began.
I don't want to though. I simply know
I am the only thing raining today.


the walking man said...

GG There are some storms that can't be held and others that only holding helps to stop. Find someone to hold or hold you.

GoGo said...

On it. :) Many good friends are in my life ready to hold me and love me.
Though it is a hard emotion, I am accepting grief and letting my tears wash away the sorrow. And as always, writing helps to carry me throw this process called living.

Thanks, friend.