Friday, April 9, 2010

sketchbook: interlude

Loitering conversations
Chitter chatter
White noise making
Sentences while I
String together my first thoughts.
The landscape for the day:
Dry clouds pushing dark
Then sunlight flushing
golden dismal
into G-d rays
crowning the colors
of this stormy spring
day growing warmer.

Apparently better then others. Stress the peak of pitch in everyone’s voices except my own.  Cooperatively living! I suckle my coffee cup while I gaze the room, grazing on the momentary landscape of peace. I could so get over stimulated here. Thank goodyness I grew up in a household of five people trying to negotiate each other and our moods. Selective hearing – a fine tuned attribute – keeps my mood a flowing story between the late groggy rise and my attempt to write today.  I feel patient. 


the walking man said...

I just knew coffee had to be in there somewhere...*tink* here's to coffee and the bracing calm that comes with a well brewed cup.

GoGo said...


Here here!