Tuesday, July 13, 2010

What did the ghost say to the bee?

Morning begins with a letter stamped on the day - a friend 123 days new marrow fed and free from leukemia.  Friend, also known as boss, can't make it to festival. Healing suckles time and life retires to the smaller rooms for some rest. The pink booth will miss her on the land, I think to this self as I become  aware of this quiet legend orbiting my sphere, or rather I orbit around her.  Boss, also known as round robin, had a way of collecting what she loved best - music set free to fly on stage and she enjoyed every minute at service to the song.

Boss interviewed me for the warehouse.  This puddle wet kid just trying to get closer to music who had no clue how to pack a box, did not get the job. Instead Boss called me back to interview for the bookkeeping assistant job, gave me a second chance with numbers. As I count the years by and bye, that expedition into accounting leads me back to this day. Even New York started the day I stepped into that job with Bubble Bee Z, the new warehouse peep, sitting next to me in her kelt emailing me the answer "Boo Bee". I knew I'd be smiling for the rest of this job, working for boss while she listened to music. 

Exiting out of the email, I sip my coffee and turn the page into the noisy hum of this apartment. Resting my words while I prepare to head out onto the streets - midwest mitten playing with snap shots of the Big A.  Friend helped me to get to my today. Friend gave me a chance to spread my wings and fly with all these songs forming the world and though she won't be at festival, I will for her, round robin Boss.

Here's to the healing process.

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twitches said...

I've read this many times and I keep wanting to comment on it, but I don't know what to say! I kinda don't understand it, yet the language is so beautiful and flows so nicely I'm not sure I care. I do mean that as a compliment!