Monday, July 18, 2011

and now off to a meeting in this funk.

The day harbors somewhere in the subconscious, I'm worn under heat, eyes smolder with heavy beads of swizzled funk foggy up the brain cells. Its too hot to care. My mind exits 20 minutes after rising, never really coming too in the shower, it decides to head down some road where the story goes and takes me there. Task one, go let out a friend's dog, play with him - this toothy big eared pup not grown into his own frame yet. I have walked the desert by the time I arrive at the pup's home. The pirate in me appreciates the islands of shade breaking the temperature to tolerable archipelago of cool treasures on the way. Dog goes out, I drink a gallon of water, wash my face in the sink trying to revive the dying brain cells. Give dog more water. Sit in shade while dog does his business. We both agreed it was too hot to romp around in the yard, I wait at the table until he flops his way onto the patio and plops next to me in our shade. We play lazy games of paws. He's directing my hand to his mouth. Its a game of I've got you're tongue mixed with I have your whole hand in my mouth. Then we just stop, its too hot. My friend calls to check up on pup and offers her shower and futon for me to nap after I explain how lethargic we both are. I'm hesitant, instead electing to read a couple of chapters while the dog naps, but then rain drops stain my eyelids like tears and I decide the circumstances were perfect to nap anyway. 2 hours later, I have vague memories of the first few minutes of my nap when napping feels the best. The body going into lift off with each deepening breath. Then pow I am at the end already with no dream just the internal me still trying to escape to somewhere. Air conditioning feels wonderful and yet I feel trapped all at the same time. I feel like I am in a refreshing box, crisp and cool against the skin yet a closed up box all the same, so I let the pup out one more time and head onto my day. The heat tags along. My brain, still not sure we want to count this an official day, lollygagging along next to me insists tomorrow it will come to and do what we need to do to move on. Its too hot to care today.

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.[____].---{'Tis hot}