Tuesday, November 8, 2011

sketchbook: groggy brain muffled in thistle

Groggy brain muffled in the thistle of the common cold. This year’s theme fogs up the wires, staves off the snot for the crash and burn course of laryngitis. I’m not there yet. It’s the weather report from folks around me. In the game of tag you’re it, I’ve been dodging this thing for weeks, watching my comrades go down one by one. My heads in a vice so I think I got tapped. I stagger back and forth in the day, consciously wondered if I should be in the public scene; today’s theme was thrift store shopping with a friend. Irony, I feel so zapped all the clutter fell away and I found 5 sweaters that really work for me. This would not have happened if I felt well. In my home now, the day settled into night moments ago, and I find my head went to bed before the rest of me did, except for this little piece of me that wants to spread the word about my groggity.

to be continued…